How to understand your bill from Verizon

Understanding your bill can be difficult and tedious. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you on how to make sense of your Verizon bill and give you resources to turn to when your billing statement is unclear.


Step-by-step guide to understanding your bill

Accessing your bill

Let’s start with access to your bill. There are two ways you can view your Verizon invoice. This can be done online or through the app. Be sure to have your username and password ready to gain access if you are viewing the invoice online.

What to expect in your bill

Your first bill

Generally, the first bill is higher than your subsequent bills. This is because there are often one-time charges for installing and activating your new line. Additionally, if you signed up for your plan in the middle of a month, there may be partial month charges for the first month of your plan cycle. This is calculated by looking at the number of days the line was active during the day after your service was installed. You should not be charged for the days where your line was not active during the partial month and you should enjoy full benefits of the plan, including data, text and minutes upon sign-up.

Balance Adjustments

Each bill should include balance adjustments. This is the amount for charges that are still owed from your previous bill. The online tool permits you to view these balance adjustments.

Account Charges

This is the amount charged to the entire account. Some examples include a late fee or past due balance.

Tax Charges

Tax charges can vary slightly depending on the number of days in the month.

Individual Lines

For accounts that have multiple lines, there may be a charge for each line of service, such as a line access fee, device payment, Verizon Protect, etc.

Other discrepancies

Verizon offers a tool that allows you to compare your last bill to your current bill. Simply go to the My Bill page and click Find out what changed from your last bill. You’ll be able to see a detailed side by side comparison as well as the charges for each line.

If Your Bill Is Still Unclear Don’t Fret. There Are Some Customer Support Tools That Can Help You Decipher Your Statement.

1. Contact Verizon Using Their Chat Tool.

The chat tool may speed up the process of getting support rather than waiting on long phone wait times.

2. Contact Verizon’s Number 800-922-0204.

Immediately press 0 when the automated voice gets on the line. The automated voice will then prompt you to enter your ten-digit number.

3. If You’re a Facebook User, You Can Opt to Use the Messenger Service.

Verizon’s Facebook page says they typically respond to messages within one hour.

Ok, none of that worked, now what?

If you’re still not getting what you deserve out of Verizon’s customer service and at your wit’s end and need to bring out the big guns, let us help you file a claim.

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