How Do I File a Phone Insurance Claim for Verizon Wireless?

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If you are having problems with your phone, you are not alone. There’s so many things that can go wrong unexpectedly even with a brand new phone. Product failures, physical damage, theft, or just plain losing your phone. But that is why people take out insurance plans.

So how do you file a phone insurance claim for Verizon Wireless phones? Who do you go through and what can you expect in the process? We explain all this and more.

What company provides coverage for your wireless provider?

If you bought phone insurance from Verizon Wireless, it came from a company called Asurion. You can file a phone insurance claim on their site first. 


What kinds of damages can you file a claim for?

You can file a claim for damages that fall under any situation covered by your insurance. This comes down to the type of insurance plan you have purchased through Asurion. When you file a phone insurance claim for Verizon Wireless make sure that whatever the damages are, they are something that matches your insurance plan.

Some key things to pay attention to when determining what kinds of damages you can file a claim for include the type of policy you’ve selected, what’s covered for your particular device based on that policy, and what your deductible is.

As is the case with any insurance plan, you pick the amount of money you want to pay each month and that’s called your premium. The higher your premium, the lower your deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you have to pay upfront whenever you file a claim before your insurance policy will cover the rest.

For example: if you have a new phone that is experiencing an unexpected product failure, and you pay $12 per month in a premium with a deductible of $100, when you file a phone insurance claim for Verizon Wireless phones, you would have to pay that $100 after which Asurion would give you a new phone potentially worth much more depending on the phone you have.

How do you start a claim?

Asurion makes it easy to file a claim. Before you start the claim just make sure that you have the details about your damaged or lost device as well as your personal information for your Verizon Wireless account. Your claim could be approved immediately or it may take a few days to be reviewed in which case you might be contacted for additional information.

If you file a phone insurance claim for Verizon Wireless through Asurion and it is covered under your insurance policy, you can expect to pay your service fee or deductible and then send in your device to be repaired or give information on where your replacement device (or check) should be mailed.

They will ask for your shipping address, and they cannot ship to PO Boxes, if your claim has been approved for a replacement device or if you need to mail a device in to a service center for repairs. If your claim is approved Monday through Thursday you can expect delivery for a replacement device the next day. If it’s approved Friday or Saturday you can expect a replacement device to arrive the following Monday. Claims approved Saturday evening and Sunday will send a replacement device the following Tuesday.

What do you do if the insurance company or wireless provider is denying your claim?

If your insurance company or wireless provider is denying your claim your other options include consumer arbitration or small claims court.

At Fairshake we can help you file a claim. Just because you were denied doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. Consumer arbitration is a fast and simple, fair process that can get you the conversation you deserve. Read some of our success stories.

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