Would a Verizon Wireless Lawsuit Help You?

Your contract likely prevents you from suing Verizon, but our team of experts can help you submit an official legal claim that gets results.

Verizon Wireless is so ubiquitous that it’s almost synonymous with telecommunications in the US. With this ubiquity comes a huge customer base – you’d think that they would treat all of their customers with more respect. Unfortunately, plenty of customers have already discovered that Verizon Wireless doesn’t prioritize honorable business practices.

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Far too many customers have had incidents where they were charged unfairly for services they didn’t ask for or products they didn’t have, or found that canceling their account was a huge hassle that came with extra fees. When they tried to press a lawsuit against Verizon Wireless, they found that their contract prevented them from doing so thanks to a cleverly hidden clause.

But there are still ways to pursue legal action against Verizon Wireless. You can:

  • Take Verizon Wireless to small claims court, where the possible rewards aren’t as large as those in a regular lawsuit but where you can still get some resolution for your grievance
  • Take Verizon Wireless to consumer arbitration. A third-party mediator will draft a legally binding agreement between you and Verizon Wireless. You can use FairShake to help – we’re experts in this arena

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What Does Verizon Wireless Do Wrong?

Verizon Wireless offers so many different services that you’d expect the majority of their thousands of customer complaints to be spread evenly across their departments. But instead, the Better Business Bureau indicates that the vast majority, greater than 90% in fact, of complaints have to deal with products or services. This shows, for instance, many customers have a problem with Verizon Wireless’s service speeds, the network’s actual performance in the real world, or physical products.

  • Advertising/Sales: 1.6%
  • Billing/Collections: 8%
  • Delivery Issues: 0.4%
  • Guarantee/Warranty: 0.4%
  • Problem with a Product or Service: 90%

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter how Verizon Wireless has given you a hard time. We think that the road to resolution is not only walkable – it’s runnable!

At FairShake, we can help you pursue a real solution for your complaint against Verizon Wireless and can help prevent them from getting away with treating their costumers so poorly. Don’t be discouraged by the clause in your contract that seems to indicate otherwise!

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What Situations Might Lead to a Verizon Wireless Lawsuit?

There is a plethora of potential situations where Verizon Wireless might do something worthy of legal action. Here’s just a handful of the common occurrences you can read about online.

False or Misleading Advertising

Big companies frequently engage in misleading advertising at best and outright false advertising at worst. For instance, telecommunications companies like Verizon Wireless advertise their services as “for all” Americans. But when you sign up for one of their telephone or Internet plans, you might discover that your geographic area is underserved by their satellites or landlines, leading to a subpar experience that’s now difficult to cancel.

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Misleading Charges when Terminating a Verizon Wireless Account

Speaking of canceling, terminating your Verizon Wireless account might lead to strange charges that show up on your final bill. In some cases, these are listed on the contract, but in others, they might be added as a last-ditch attempt to extract some extra cash from a customer on the part of the termination representative. Talk about shady!

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Continuing to Charge You After Account Cancellation

In other cases, Verizon Wireless might “accidentally” keep charging your account even after you’ve stopped service with them. This can lead to you paying hundreds of dollars in fees for services you are no longer actually receiving.

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Make It Impossible to Cancel Your Account

Other customers have discovered that it impossible or at least very difficult to cancel their Verizon Wireless, especially within certain terms. For instance, your contract might make it hard to cancel without being saddled with tons of extra charges. Or the customer service rep might lead you on a runaround in an attempt to get more money instead of just listening to you.

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Sudden and Misleading Changes to Your Account

Even if you decide to stick with Verizon Wireless for a little while, you might find that they occasionally change the price for your services or add strange charges to your bill. These aren’t fair since you weren’t informed about their addition – it’s essentially Verizon Wireless scooping cash from your wallet while you aren’t looking.

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Negative Impacts to Your Credit Rating

Since you sign up for an account with Verizon Wireless and pay a bill, they report some of your information to the credit bureaus. This can have a huge negative impact on your credit score if Verizon Wireless unfairly charges you for things you don’t need or want or says that you missed a payment when you already canceled your account!

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Your Account Goes to Collections for Money You Don’t Owe

Collections departments in any company are frustrating and often intimidating to deal with. Verizon Wireless might send their collections department after you if their algorithms or incompetent reps think that you owe them money, even when you actually don’t.

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Verizon Wireless “Can’t Verify” Employee Promises

Sometimes, customer service reps will promise customers things in order to placate them. But when you try to cash in on these promises, Verizon Wireless suddenly forgets about them for claims that they don’t have any evidence of such a promise in the first place. This extends to promotions as well – they may not honor things on their posters or site since they’re “expired.”

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Poor Business Practices

Whatever the exact case, we can all agree that companies like Verizon Wireless shouldn’t be able to get away with these types of business practices. Not only is it immoral, but it’s also illegal!

That’s why we at FairShake think that your case has a good chance of resulting in compensation, particularly if you prepare well. We can help with that. Our legal experts have the drive and the know-how to help you make a rock-solid consumer arbitration or small claims court case against Verizon Wireless. We hope you’ll contact us soon – you can use the form below and we’ll get started right away! Start your claim for free.

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