How to Get Great Visa Customer Service

Fed up dealing with Visa customer service? You have legal options to get them to take your complaint seriously.

Almost everyone owns a Visa credit or debit card at some point during their lives. This also means, unfortunately, that most of us have to deal with their customer service at one time or another. This can be a frustrating and confusing affair. Today, let’s go over ways you can more consistently get great Visa customer service and how you can contact them.

Contact Methods for Visa


Visa can easily be contacted by phone by calling 1-800-847-2911.


You can send Visa an email by using their contact form page, which routes the email through a secure server for added protection.

Live Chat

Visa’s live chat service can be accessed through their regular contact page. However, they don’t have an unlimited number of chat professionals.

Social Media

Visa has an “Ask Visa” Twitter account directly responsible for helping its customers overcome technical issues or problems with their cards. Use this to get a rapid response for your problem.

What To Do So You Get the Best Customer Service Possible from Visa

  • Firstly, make sure you have your identifying information handy and written down on a piece of paper for easy reference. This includes any information you may have used for your Visa cards. Because Visa provides cards to banks, you may also need your personal information for the bank that distributed the card in the first place 
  • If you have a very basic question that isn’t covered on their site’s FAQ page, Ask Visa might be the best choice rather than going through the time-consuming process of speaking to a representative
  • Make sure to take down the name and any department information for the Visa customer service representative you are connected to
  • Maintain a polite and even tone throughout your conversation or email chain. Even if you become frustrated, the problem is likely not with a representative but with the policies of the company at large
  • Speaking to a manager may be able to escalate your issue or waive certain fees; Visa often attempts to maintain good customer relations rather than fight over minor issues that don’t really matter
  • If escalating your issue to the managerial level doesn’t work, you can try a different customer service avenue. If you get the same response, you may need a new solution
  • Be patient. Visa’s customer service channels are a little more limited than the service options available for other big banking companies, likely because many of their cardholders’ issues are actually with the banks rather than Visa themselves

Still Need Help with Visa?

In the end, you may need help in order to get a real solution for your troubles with your Visa card. If Visa is stonewalling you or if they don’t provide you with the solution you need, you can pursue independent arbitration or you can file a lawsuit with FairShake’s help. We’ve got lots of experience and insider information to make sure your case sees success. Don’t hesitate to contact us and fill out one of our forms to begin the process.

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