Do You have a Complaint against Vivint?

Complaining to Vivint Customer Service

Frequent complaints seen by Vivint customer service. And how to escalate…

Does your Vivint contract run longer than you were told it would?  Has your security system not worked since it was installed? Have you called technical support numerous times to get the problem fixed, without any luck?  Has Vivint sent out multiple service technicians that can’t seem to fix the issue? Did Vivint quote you one price for a service only to charge you a higher amount?

Many Vivint customers are frustrated with the level of service they have received from the company.  Over the past three years, Vivint had 4,414 complaints filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Here are some of the top grievances customers have filed with Vivint:

  1. Equipment not working properly
  2. Misleading contract terms
  3. Cancellation and buyout policies

Vivint Equipment not Working Properly

One of the top complaints customers have with Vivint is the poor quality of the equipment.  In some cases, customers claim that the equipment never worked, yet they are billed for the full service.  Others report that the equipment, such as the thermostat, the doorbell camera, or the security camera stops working or doesn’t connect properly.

In other cases, Vivint uses proprietary equipment that can become outdated as technology continues to advance.  Customers have experienced problems with their equipment when it can no longer connect or be controlled due to changes in computing software.  When they call the Vivint customer service department for help, customers are often told that Vivint is not responsible for equipment that no longer connects due to proprietary software changes.  However, customers continue to see charges on monthly bill statements for equipment they can’t use

Misleading Contract Terms

Customers often report the contract terms are no longer what they expected.  Some claim that when they completed their contracts and called Vivint to cancel, they were entered into a new contract without their knowledge.  They continue to be charged for services even when Vivint didn’t provide proof of the new contract.

Cancellation and Buyout Policies

The inability to cancel their contract according to its terms is another common frustration that customers share.  Once the contract is signed, a customer has 3 days to cancel. The installation can take several days or weeks to complete.  When it is finally complete, customers that are unhappy with the service can no longer cancel, as they have exceeded the 3-day cancellation limit.  They are either stuck with paying for a service that they don’t want or the have to buy out the contract to close the account. Some customers have reported they were charged as much as $1,500 to buy out a contract.

In other cases, customers report they continue to receive bills after they have cancelled their contracts.  They make numerous phone calls and send their cancellation request in writing, but they continue to receive charges for the service. For monthly services, some customers claim that they were never given credit when they canceled within the 10-day trial period.

Are you a Vivint customer that is being charged for equipment that doesn’t work or stuck in a contract that you didn’t agree to sign?  If you have tried to resolve equipment and billing problems with Vivint customer service and aren’t getting anywhere, tell us about it below.

What's your complaint?

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