How to Contact Vivint Customer Service

FairShake makes it much easier to contact Vivint by providing tips on how to reach Vivint customer service.

When it comes to home security, your family’s safety is at risk if your service fails or otherwise doesn’t work as promised. With such high stakes, it’s important to be able to contact customer support with your concerns. So many customers have filed complaints against Vivint when things go wrong.

Vivint offers several different methods of contact, allowing consumers to choose between the traditional phone-based customer care, online customer service chat, emailing the support team, or reaching out through social media. Of course, reaching the customer care team is just one step in the dispute resolution process.

Vivint seems to have a good reputation when it comes to customer service, but sometimes companies ignore the concerns of their customers. If Vivint has left your concerns unaddressed, you should try other contact options.

How To Call Vivint

Vivint has a few different customer service phone numbers for consumers to call. Try the main customer service phone number first at (801) 377-9111, before trying the alternate phone number. When calling Vivint’s customer support team, knowing how to communicate your problem will save time and limit frustration. Take a few minutes before your call to think about how to describe your problem, and consider writing notes for yourself. Taking a few minutes to prepare beforehand helps the call go as smoothly as possible.

  • (801) 377-9111 is Vivint’s main customer service phone number
  • (800) 216-5232 isn’t the main number, but it is another option for customers to try
  • Faxing isn’t the most effective way to talk to Vivint’s customer service team, but it’s one option. If you choose to fax Vivint for whatever reason, you can do it by dialing (801) 377-4116

When you reach a customer service representative, you may already be out of patience. No matter how frustrated you become, try to maintain composure with the representative. If you decide that they’re unable to help, ask to be transferred to someone else or try a different contact method.

How To Message Vivint

Vivint offers a customer service chat for online assistance. The live chat requires Vivint customers to enter basic information, such as name and email address, along with a brief description of the problem. Communicating with customer support through the live chat is typically a speedy option, but customers may have to deal with an artificially intelligent chatbot, before reaching a live customer service representative.

For some customers, contacting Vivint through email can be the best option. E-mail gives customers the benefit of being able to lay out all the details, along with listing the steps taken to address the issue. Anyone choosing to use email as their method of communication with Vivint’s customer support team should make sure to include name and account information.

  • Support@vivint.com is the official customer care email address
  • There are two corporate email addresses: ir@vivint.com and press@vivint.com. Both of these addresses are typically used for business-to-business concerns, not customer service.

Vivint also offers an escalation form for customers that haven’t received adequate customer service assistance. When using the CEO escalation form, make sure to give a description of your problem, along with what steps you’ve taken so far to fix it. If you’ve already contacted customer care, make sure to mention that as well. Escalation involves issues that are difficult to solve; use this option only after other options have failed you.

How To Contact Vivint’s Social Media

Unlike some companies, Vivint’s social media pages present many positive comments. Both Vivint’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are highly active featuring prompt responses to customer service and home security system concerns. Even if you have negative complaints about Vivint, the uncrowded and relatively polite comment sections mean you have less customers to compete with for getting Vivint’s attention.

People on social media often feel they have the license to say what they want like when they want to negotiate a Vivint bill but don’t get support. However, Vivint’s social media pages are subject to Vivint’s terms and conditions, which may include a ban on foul language. In addition, some rude messages might count as harassment. As such, make sure to keep your messages clean.

Pursuing Legal Action Against Vivint

Customers often feel helpless when they try to go up against a large company because their user agreements don’t let them join Vivint lawsuits. However, you can sue Vivint in small claims court, but it comes with legal fees which are costly, making it unlikely that the average customer can afford to fight for justice. Court also requires ample time and dedication, putting working customers at a disadvantage. In addition, many companies have a clause in their contracts preventing customers from pursuing most legal actions against them.

Arbitration is similar to going to small claims court, with a few key differences. There’s no immediate cost when filing a claim for arbitration, and it might result in a monetary settlement. FairShake makes the process of arbitration easy; we do all the legal filings for you. With FairShake, you don’t have to fight for justice alone. If you’re ready to fight back against a company, start a claim now.

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