How to Lower Your Vivint Bill

Paying more than you should for Vivint? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Have you noticed your home security bill from Vivint increasing over the last few months? 

Maybe you are just unable to keep your normal home security service. Whatever the case, you might be looking for ways to reduce your bill and keep some of your services or all of your services. But if you have this or one of many other common Vivint complaints, you have many options at your disposal.

Review Your Vivint Bill

Your bill can be difficult to understand, but knowing how to read your bill from Vivint Home Security is the first place to start. 

Here is where you can look for: 

  • The full month of service which you get charged in advance
  • Any activation fees or equipment fees
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Discounts

It’s important to review your bill just to make sure that everything is correct. There might be unauthorized charges on your bill which is why it suddenly got higher one month, or there might be a charge that you didn’t agree to which can happen when a representative promises a promotional rate but forgets to follow through. If you are owed a credit or promotion from the company, that might not show up on your next bill which is why it’s higher than it should be.

At FairShake we have dealt with many customer complaints just like these. In any of these cases you want to reach out to customer service to rectify the issue immediately. Checking your bill so thoroughly, every month, can help you catch these errors every time.

Reduce Services and Negotiate with Customer Service

If everything on your bill looks correct, then another option is to reduce your services or try and negotiate with customer service to get a lower rate on the services you already have.

Note:  If you are under contract currently with Vivint, there might be early cancellation fees should you choose to reduce some of your services or cancel your services. For this reason it is always best to try and negotiate with customer service to get a more affordable rate before you cancel the service.

Contact customer service but be polite about it. Let them know that you are having financial difficulties or you are thinking of changing to a more affordable company. Big corporations have customer retention departments and their job is to keep you as a loyal customer by offering you discounts or giving you promotions that may or may not be listed to the public.

It never hurts to ask if there are ways that you can reduce your service, if there are things a customer service representative can do to cut your costs or even add free services. Sometimes all it takes is you calling and asking for them to offer something.

Vivint Home Security Discounts and Promotions

For new customers there are many ongoing discounts and promotions. As of the time of writing, these include things like $0 for activation or free installation of a doorbell camera. They company actually has a new customer promotions number that you can call to make inquiries about ongoing deals.

There are deals you can get on devices, specialized packaging that gives you customized security equipment with no activation fees, automation features, monitoring services, and even severe weather alerts. In some cases the discounts or promotions do you have a minimum service agreement or a minimum equipment purchase.

There are a few other discounts and promotions they offer:

  1. Military rebates

Active duty military can enjoy access to special programs from time to time. For example, active duty military who are deployed can defer their payment up to 6 months. if you are deployed to an area they serve, they will move your service to that other area at no cost to you.

  1. Moving credit

If you are moving but the people buying your house want to keep the service for home security, it can get you a referral credit.

  1. Referrals

This is a program whereby you are eligible for credit to your account in the amount of $200 for every new customer you refer to the company. When they get a new service based on your reference they can also get a free doorbell camera. There are limits and these referral programs can change at any time.

  1. Vivint Gives Back 

This is a discount given to families who have children with developmental or intellectual disabilities. You can capitalize on these discounts as a new or existing customer. To find out what you are eligible for, complete this form.

If you have looked into rewards and rebates, discounts and promotions, and reviewed your bill but you still think it’s too high and you need help paying, consider using FairShake. 

What if Vivint Home Security Owes You Money?

Maybe Vivint Home Security has overcharged you. Perhaps their sales rep told you that your bill would be for a specific amount but the monthly charges to your account are much higher. Tell us your complaint…

What's your complaint?

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