Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Phone Bill: What You Should be Paying

Are you pay too much for your Straight Talk Wireless phone service? We can help.

Straight Talk wireless is part of the Walmart Family Mobile phone plans. The average cell phone cost per month is based on the amount of data you want. The average starting cost is $35 per month unlimited Nationwide talk and text, with 5 gigabytes of data, but there are also phone plans for basic phones, not smartphones, and extended plans.

Network quality 

Straight Talk wireless, provided through the Walmart brand, doesn’t have its own wireless network. That means it relies on the Verizon wireless network. While you don’t have a direct affiliation with Verizon by using Straight Talk, you are still beholden to the network coverage Verizon has in your area. Will 5G cost more? No, it won’t, but a 5G plan cost is effectively nonexistent save for cities where it is offered by the network service provider.

Below is a map of their current coverage:

Map of Verizon Wireless network coverage

Map of Verizon Wireless network coverage from RootMetrics.

You can reduce your phone bill cost per month by signing up for auto-refill. This is very similar to autopay but it allows you to cancel it anytime. The amount you can save is based on what you sign up for. For example, you can save $1 every 30 days with the basic plans but you can save $5 each month for the first three months if you purchase the more expensive plans, the $55 and $65 per month plans, with auto refill.

The company gives you the option of purchasing data add-on packages, and any unused balance rolls over to the next service cycle. So, if you purchase 2GB of additional data, but you don’t use it all, it will roll over to the next prepaid 30 days but you have to use it within those two billing cycles or it expires.

Straight Talk Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited plans

Each of the Plans offered by Straight Talk are considered Unlimited because they give you unlimited talk and text for smartphones. The difference is the data.

$35 per month

Unlimited talk and text

5 GB data (then reduced to 2G speeds)

$45 per month

Unlimited talk and text

25 GB data (then reduced to 2G speeds)

$55 per month

Unlimited talk and text

Unlimited data with 10GB hotspot data

$60 per month

Unlimited talk and text

25 GB data (then reduced to 2G speeds), and unlimited international talk and text

$65  per month

Unlimited talk and text

Unlimited data with 20 GH hotspot data and 100GB cloud storage

Family and Sharing plans

The Unlimited Family Plan cost offers savings in the form of 2 lines on a single account for only $90 with the Ultimate Unlimited plan, which includes 10 GB of hotspot data per line. However, the savings on the line access fee are limited to 2 lines.

Prepaid plans

All of the plans offered by Straight Talk are considered prepaid in that you can refill whenever you want and are under no obligation with no contract. 

If you want to purchase a plan for a basic phone, it’s $30 per month which gives you unlimited text, 1500 minutes of talk, and 100 MB of data. You can get 50% more data if you sign up for auto refill.

Other plans

Extra data

Assuming you run out of data based on your plan, there are some plans that give you the option of buying new data. $5 you can purchase one gigabyte of extra data, and for $10 you can purchase 10 gigabytes of extra data.

Global calling cards

You can also add on global calling cards for $10. You can add up to three cards for transactions but they only qualify for people who are located in the United States making calls around the world. The cost per minute of calling or texting is based on the country you are calling. this can get a little complicated because they aren’t very clear about what the cost is per destination but if you happen to have any leftover balance it will carry over to the next month. 

Extended plans

Finally, they have what are called extended plans. Each of these plans come with unlimited talk and text with 25 GB of data every month at 4G LTE speed, but once you go over that 25 gigabytes, you get throttled to 2G. The extended plan can be purchased for 3 months, 6 months, or one year. The three-month plan costs $130 which saves you $5. The sixth month plan costs $255 and saves you $15 total. The 1 year plan costs $495 and saves you $45 total. All in all this isn’t a great amount of savings regardless of which package you choose and you can only sign up for one type of plan which limits you in terms of the data and other features you get.

How Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plan Compares

Straight Talk has fewer options for basic cell phones compared to prepaid companies like Altice Mobile. in terms of the data plans, they do the exact same as many big companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile which is to throttle your high speeds back to 2G as soon as you go over your data, which they say can impede the functionality of some of the apps on your phone, audio quality, or video streaming. However, they don’t subject you to the limitations of big companies like AT&T, a company that will throttle your speeds whenever a lot of people are using the network.

The add-on data prices are roughly the same as competitors, and the cost for unlimited talk, text, and data is much the same as other prepaid companies but still cheaper than what you would get with big companies like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. However, the tradeoff here is that the bigger companies provide extra features or perks such as free subscriptions to video streaming services.

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