How to Get Better Wells Fargo Customer Service

Not getting results from Wells Fargo customer service? You may have options to escalate…

Wells Fargo is both one of the oldest and largest banking institutions in the United States. They also have a customer service network that can feel antiquated or slow to many. Let’s dive into their customer service experience and go over some ways in which you can maximize your success with their channels.

Contact Methods for Wells Fargo


Like all banking services, Wells Fargo has a customer support phone number you can call at 1-800-869-3557. Their online specific customer service number is 1-800-956-4442.


Wells Fargo only allows emailing for customer service purposes through their secure email application. This can be accessed from their website.

Social Media

Wells Fargo has two social media pages for customer support problems: Twitter and Facebook are frequently examined by customer service professionals that give you rapid assistance for your issue.


You can use the Wells Fargo branch locator to visit a customer service representative in person.

What To Do So You Get the Best Customer Service Possible From Wells Fargo

  • We’d recommend using the Wells Fargo customer service channel that makes the most sense for your needs. For instance, visiting a branch in person is by far the best option if there’s a place near your location because it’s harder for a representative to turn a physical personal way than a name on the screen
  • Furthermore, make sure you use a channel that is dedicated to your problem if one exists. For instance, Wells Fargo has an online specific service number you can call. Do this first and you won’t be routed to the same department when you call the regular number for an online question
  • Be sure to have your Wells Fargo contact and identifying information at hand, especially your account number another bank details. The representative will ask for these at the beginning of the conversation
  • You should have a notepad and pen handy so you can record the above information and get the name and department number of the representative you are connected to
  • As you speak to the representative, try to remain calm and polite, even if things become frustrating or seem like they will escalate
  • If you need to, don’t hesitate to escalate the situation up a level and ask to speak to the representative’s manager or supervisor
  • Record everything you and the representatives say; you may need to refer back to these conversations if you try different customer service channel or things progress to court

Still Need Help with Wells Fargo?

In the unfortunately likely event that your Wells Fargo customer service experience isn’t very satisfying, you still have a couple of extra options. You can file a lawsuit to get justice for your issue or you can pursue independent arbitration. FairShake can help you with both endeavors; we have lots of experience in taking on big banking corporations, so we’re well-equipped to give your case the best chance it needs to succeed. Fill out one of our forms and let one of our representatives speak to you about your case to see how we can assist you!

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