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Is a 24 Hour Fitness Membership Worth it?

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24 Hour Fitness is a gym that offers a range of services, classes, and equipment for those looking to get their sweat on. Overall, members can expect the classic equipment, like treadmills, free weights, and more, coupled with studio classes like yoga and cycling as well as personal training. However, what makes some members sweat is an inability to close memberships, hidden fees, and messy gym spaces that make memberships not worth the money.

Membership Services You’re Paying for at 24 Hour Fitness

There are a number of membership plans, loyalty incentives, and premium add-ons associated with the services at 24 Hour Fitness. It can be easy to get tangled up in added fees and memberships based on the gym location and type.

In general, a paid-in-full, one-year membership costs $449.99, coming out to a cost of $37.50 per month. A yearlong commitment not paid in full costs $41.99 per month. A non-contract, month-to-month membership costs $46.99 per month.

An example of amenities available at select gym locations include:

  • Basketball 
  • Lap pool
  • Sauna
  • Turf Zone
  • Massage
  • Cycling classes
  • Olympic training
  • Small group training
  • Volleyball
  • Pilates
  • Personal training
  • Steam room
  • Whirlpool
  • Squash and racquetball courts
  • TRX suspension training
  • Circuit training

Your best bet is to confirm the location that you would want to belong to, then ensure that it has the amenities that you are most interested in. Use the website or call specific locations to be sure before committing to a membership at a place that doesn’t offer the workout you want.

Other premium add-ons vary by location, and may include:

  • Childcare services through the 24 Hour Fitness Kids’ Club
  • Towel service
  • Personal lockers
  • Parking

Common 24 Hour Fitness Complaints

By far, the most common 24 Hour Fitness complaints stems from billing issues. Many members — and former members — report that it is nearly impossible to shutter accounts, and that they continue to be charged in spite of their efforts to leave. 

Other complaints state that 24 Hour Fitness leaves equipment out broken without fixing it, limiting the number of machines and equipment that is available to members. Even though they continue to pay for their membership, they can’t get the workout they signed up for due to negligence on regular maintenance of the machines.

Still others complain about the customer service available at 24 Hour Fitness, stating that staff members are incompetent, managerial staff are rude, and maintenance and cleaning staff do not complete their jobs properly. 

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What 24 Hour Fitness Customers are Saying

The most common positive reviews for 24 Hour Fitness are simply because the gym is the nearest to the customer’s apartment or work — which says a lot. Convenience is one thing. Quality and good customer service is another.

Another red flag that comes up in customer reviews of 24 Hour Fitness is positive reviews for the personal trainers as individuals, but negative reviews for managerial staff and the company as a whole. There are frequent complaints against staff members that are not knowledgeable about the services 24 Hour Fitness provides, management that is apathetic, rude, or worse, and an overall sense that the gyms themselves are not being run well.

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