How to Contact AirBnb Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact Airbnb. And if they don’t listen you have options…

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Airbnb is one of the largest online marketplaces for arranging lodging in the United States with millions of customers. Like many businesses, Airbnb focuses on providing excellent customer service to keep its customers happy.

There are multiple ways to contact Airbnb customer service. We have outlined below the different ways to contact Airbnb support:

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Find the best contact method for you

Airbnb Website

Looking for the Airbnb customer service email? Airbnb doesn’t seem to have an email address where customers can directly email. You can, however, contact Airbnb using its messaging system on its website. You will have to log in to your Airbnb Account, access the Airbnb help center, and then locate the messaging platform.

Airbnb App

You can contact Airbnb support using the Airbnb app. Log in to the Airbnb app. Click the “profile” icon on the bottom right-hand corner. Select “get help.” Select the appropriate topic that you need help with or scroll down and select “contact us.” This will take you to a chatbot (that will eventually connect you with a human).

By Phone

Another option is to call the Airbnb customer service phone number.


Social Media

Twitter has become a popular way for customers to publicly voice their customer service issues. The last thing a company wants is a negative tweet to go viral. You can tweet Airbnb support at @AirbnbHelp. Here is an example of an Airbnb complaint by a customer:

The good news is that the Airbnb customer support twitter feed seems to be very active and responsive.

Snail Mail

Want to contact Airbnb the old-fashioned way? Write them a letter. Here is the address to their headquarters:

ATTN: Customer Support
888 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA 94013

What you should bring to the table in order to get the best customer service possible

When you contact Airbnb customer support (especially when you are contacting the Airbnb contact phone number), you should have the following prepared:

  • Always have a notepad available when speaking to a customer care representative. Establish the name of the department you are speaking with at the Airbnb call center and get the full name of the customer service agent.
  • Make sure you are speaking with the right Airbnb customer care department to meet your needs or answer your questions. Airbnb has multiple customer care service departments, so clarify that you are dealing with a person equipped to handle your situation.
  • Make a note of any proposed solutions, and get dates when the solution will be implemented.
  • If you feel that your concerns are not adequately addressed, ask to speak to a supervisor in the department.
  • Not all customer service agents are the same. If you feel frustrated, or the person you are speaking to is unwilling to assist you, make sure you take down their name and discontinue the conversation.  Let the person know you will be filing a complaint about your customer service experience.
  • File your dispute with a customer service supervisor or manager.
  • Follow up on your dispute with a written letter to the corporate address listed above.
  • Contact the department again, and make sure you reach a new representative. Although frustrating, this is sometimes all it takes to get the problem taken care of efficiently.
  • Remember: Customer service agents are people, too! Often they are following corporate policy rather than being unhelpful on purpose.

Still having trouble with Airbnb?

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