All About Ally Lawsuits

Learn what Ally lawsuits are out there, and how to take action…

Ally Bank is not without its faults. As a large online banking service, they have been at the center of many consumer complaints and lawsuits. You might have tried Ally customer service to no avail. So now you can file a complaint against Ally.

But when issues continue to go unresolved, getting real dispute help with Ally can seem impossible, so it’s common to wonder: what lawsuits are against Ally and can I file a lawsuit too?



Are lawsuits allowed against Ally?

Chances are your user agreement with Ally Bank doesn’t let you sue them except in small claims court. This is because of an arbitration clause. Small claims court can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming which is why consumer arbitration is recommended. 


What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action Lawsuit against Ally?

Class action lawsuits are single lawsuits that represent lots of people at the same time so that they don’t individually file lawsuits against Ally Bank. All of these people need to have the same complaint.

You might not be able to join a class action lawsuit because of your user agreement, but they are still filed sometimes on behalf of government entities, state government, or even former employees.


As a Ally customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

Your options for suing Ally Bank start with small claims court. If you have a qualifying case based on where you live you can use small claims court. You’ll have to submit paperwork, pay legal fees, and attend a court hearing.

Alternatively you can use the consumer arbitration process laid out in your user agreement and argue your case before an independent arbitrator from the comfort of your home.


Recent and notable Ally lawsuits:

Ally Bank data breach lawsuit

Ally Bank was a subject of a 2021 data breach lawsuit where customer usernames and passwords were exposed to third-party businesses. In so doing Ally Bank allegedly violated the California business and professions code, the California unfair competition law, and the California consumer Privacy Act. According to the lawsuit, this incident was not related to any type of cyber attack or hacking but from a programming error the fault of Ally Bank. Because of that error Ally Bank business partners were able to access customers’ full names, account numbers, statements, check images, email addresses, employment information, tax forms, beneficiary information, and other bank account details.

Ally Bank Fair Credit Reporting lawsuit

Ally Bank was sued in 2021 with a class action lawsuit stating that they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is still ongoing. 

Ally Bank CFPB lawsuit

The CFPB filed a lawsuit against Ally Bank in 2016. The Department of Justice pursued a federal court order which required Ally Bank to pay $80 in damages. In this case Ally Bank was accused of discriminatory auto loan pricing policies, marking up risk-based interest rates without adequate controls or monitoring, an action that targeted African-American, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Hispanic borrowers.

So next time you don’t think your complaints to the CFPB are being heard, remember that sometimes it takes a few years of investigation before the government takes action.

Ally Bank collateral and repossession lawsuit

Ally Bank settled a class-action lawsuit involving a lot of complicated debt collection practices. Some of the allegations stipulate that Ally Bank sent notices about attempting to collect and repossess personal property that was used as collateral for loans or financing agreements. Other allegations include negative credit information that was sent by Ally Bank, unnecessary late charges, and repossession of personal property. In some cases Ally Bank even sold personal property they repossessed in association with loans and financing agreements. Ally Bank agreed to a 788 million-dollar settlement.

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