How to Get Great American Express Customer Service

American Express established a business model built upon excellent customer service. Like all large credit card companies, American Express has embraced the fast-changing landscape of technology-driven customer service. However, despite the good reputation of AmEx customer service, problems do arise. Read on to find out how to find the customer service department you need and how to handle disputes that might arise.

American Express offers more than just a credit card. The company provides a dedicated customer service team for small business support, corporate cardholders, travel booking, and a wide array of products and solutions for personal and business needs. The wide variety of products can sometimes make it difficult to connect with the customer service department you need. The following information will help you find the customer service you need instead of spending time being bounced from department to department.

Find the best contact method for you

There are multiple different ways to contact customer service, depending on what American Express product you have:

  • For general inquiries or questions about applying for an American Express Card, you can call the customer service number at 1-800-528-4800. Agents are ready to assist with all general questions related to the services provided by AmEx.
  • If you are a cardmember, AmEx can be reached at 1-800-528-4800.
  • If you are already a cardmember, you can reach customer service via the website. Once logged in, you can use the online chat feature to chat directly with a customer care representative.
  • You can also visit the customer service center online to learn about their various cards and program rewards.
  • You can call the corporate office at 1-212-640-2000
  • If you want to contact American Express Corporate offices by mail, you can do so at:
American Express Company, 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY, 10285-3106

What you should bring to the table in order to get the best customer service possible

Though American Express is rich in features offered to personal, small business and corporate clients, and there is a multitude of ways to contact customer service, that does not mean you are guaranteed an excellent customer service experience. There are numerous complaints of difficulty in dealing with various departments with AmEx, and reports of customer service representatives who read from scripts and offer very little actual help. If you find yourself in this situation, there are steps you can take:

  • Always have a notepad available when speaking to a customer care representative. Establish the name of the department you are speaking with and get the full name of the customer service agent.
  • If you are initiating your request or concern via chat, make sure to email yourself a complete transcript of the chat.
  • Make sure you are speaking with the right department to meet your needs or answer your questions. AmEx has multiple customer care service departments, so clarify that you are dealing with a person equipped to handle your situation.
  • Make a note of any proposed solutions, and get dates when the solution will be implemented.
  • If you feel that your concerns are not adequately addressed, ask to speak to a supervisor in the department.
  • Not all customer service agents are the same. If you feel frustrated, or like the person you are speaking to is unwilling to assist you, make sure you have their department and name and discontinue the conversation.  Let the person know you will be filing a complaint about your customer service experience.
  • File your dispute with a customer service supervisor or manager.
  • Follow up on your dispute with a written letter to the corporate address listed above.
  • Contact the department again, and make sure you reach a new representative. Although frustrating, this is sometimes all it takes to get the problem taken care of efficiently.
  • Remember: Customer service agents are people, too! Often they are following corporate policy rather than being unhelpful on purpose.

Your options when facing financial hardship

If you are experiencing financial hardships, American Express offers a unique program through their help center to provide you with temporary options. The program is designed to provide short-term relief by potentially lowering interest rates, reducing your minimum monthly payment, or providing temporary relief from late payment fees and penalties. The Help Center—Financial Hardship page provides details and the ability to start a live chat. You can also reach a customer care representative about the financial hardship program at 1-866-703-4169.

Still having trouble with AmEx?

Unfortunately, financial institutions don’t always do the right thing. If your attempts to get your AmEx issues taken care of end up nowhere, you may think you’re out of options. While you have limited legal options, consumers may be able to either sue AmEx in small claims court, or file a claim for arbitration.

At FairShake, we help you take on big corporations when customer service fails. It’s not unusual for large companies to leave customers with unfair charges, broken service, or unfulfilled promises. It doesn’t cost anything to make an arbitration claim, and you don’t even have to leave your house. If you’re ready to get your voice heard, start a claim now.

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