Want to Sue Azamara Cruise Lines?

Guide to Sue Azamara in Small Claims Court

When customer service fails, you have a legal option to help you claim compensation from Azamara Cruise Lines.

Azamara Cruise Lines promise wonderful adventures on their luxurious watercraft. But maybe you had a bad experience with them or their customer service. If this is the case, you might consider pursuing justice by suing Azamara in small claims court.


Determine Whether Your Claim Qualifies

Suing Azamara can be a time-consuming affair, so make sure your claim qualifies for small claims court before possibly wasting time. Small claims courts only handle certain types of cases:

  • those with awards that are monetary instead of equitable. So if your case is pursuing a non-monetary award, it likely won’t qualify for small claims court
  • those with monetary values between a set range, which is usually around $2000-$10,000. The exact monetary amount will vary based on your state, so check your state’s website for more information

If your claim doesn’t look like it’ll qualify for small claims court, you can still possibly pursue arbitration against Azamara using the National Arbitration and Mediation company. This organization handles disputes between cruise lines and customers regularly.


Write Out Your Demands in a Letter.

On the other hand, if your claim does qualify for small claims court, you can begin by writing a demand letter to Azamara explaining your requests and providing solutions. Whether or not Azamara decides to read the letter and acquiesce to your requests is irrelevant; you need to do this to legally bring a claim forward in the first place.

You can write your letter using simple sentences and basic grammar, so don’t worry about being formal or fancy. Just spell out your demands as clearly as you can and mail the letter as a hard copy to Azamara using this address:

Azamara Club Cruises
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

Also, make another copy for your records in case Azamara tries to claim that they never received a demand letter from you at all. 


Fill Out Your Court Forms.

Next up is court forms, which can be found and filled out using your local small claims court website. These usually don’t take too long to fill out, but you’ll probably need to fill out three or four copies of each form depending on the state requirements. You should also fill out another copy of everything for your own records just in case.


File Your Forms.

After filling out the forms correctly, you can file them at your small claims court. This will probably have to be done in person, as there are only a few small claims courts that will allow you to submit things electronically. They’ll also charge you a small fee in most cases, although this can be waived if you prove that you have a low income.


“Serve” Your Forms on the Cruise Line.

You’ll need to serve the forms to Azamara as well, as you need to let them know they’re being sued in the first place! However, be sure to do this correctly; follow court procedure to the letter as detailed on the website. Accidentally missing a form or filing out something incorrectly could result in your claim being tossed out, wasting a lot of time on your end.


Attend Court.

If you’ve done everything correctly, all you need to do is wait for the court date to arrive and represent yourself as best as you can. You can put together a great case by collecting all the documentation and evidence for your claim beforehand, so you aren’t scrambling the morning of. Even better, big cruise lines like Azamara sometimes don’t bother showing up to small claims court cases, meaning you’ll be the only one arguing a side. It’s an easy victory, in this case.

Ready to sue Azamara Cruise lines in small claims court?
If this sounds too hard and expensive, try consumer arbitration instead…

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