Are Cashapp accounts protected from fraud?

Get Cashapp to listen: Submitting a legal claim can bring them to the table to settle your dispute.

Fraud is becoming increasingly problematic especially given the increased number of cyberattacks and theft of personal financial information, particularly bank accounts. This becomes a problem for people who use third-party apps like cash app. So what can you do when the company won’t act but your money is still missing? We explain.

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Are checking accounts protected from fraud?

Checking accounts are protected against fraud under Federal Reserve Regulation E. This Federal Regulation means that Banks and other financial institutions have to reimburse you for specific fraud losses if they were unauthorized transactions.

Does CashApp reimburse stolen money?

Generally speaking banks will reimburse you for any stolen money or fraudulent charges so long as you report it in a timely fashion. If you don’t tell a bank about an unauthorized payment for over a year, for example, you’ll be responsible for that and you won’t get reimbursed.

Their policy states that you have no liability for things like insufficient funds. So if someone tried to use your account for fraud and there wasn’t enough money in there, you wouldn’t be responsible. The legal agreement also has a reduced liability for unauthorized transactions as long as you report it quickly.

Unfortunately, not every customer has a positive experience. One customer lost hundreds of dollars and received little sympathy and even less reimbursement:

On November 28, 2020, I inadvertently sent a Cash App payment of $606.00 to someone I do not know, nor did I make a purchase for goods or services. Upon realizing what I did, I immediately contact Customer Support to reverse the transaction. I was told that there’s “nothing they can do” and that I would need to contact the recipient to request the payment back. I did this and the request was “denied” from the recipient. Because I didn’t have contact information from the individual, I filed a dispute with my bank – ********** – to conduct an investigation. Upon receiving the results of the findings on 11/5/21, I was appalled that Square Inc., the holding company, stated that this transaction was “valid.” I dispute the validity of this investigation, per the findings from Square, Inc. They should have safeguards in place for customers to receive money back for payment errors.” 

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Contact CashApp

You can make sure you contact the company as soon as you see any charges that you didn’t make. The sooner you report it, the better. If you report it quickly the Fair Credit billing Act says you were not responsible for more than $50.

CashApp says that to report fraud you should talk to them through the app at: cash.app/help, call 1 (800) 969-1940.

Don’t forget to report any fraud to the Federal Trade Commission. If they have information as well they can help you take subsequent steps to protect her identity, monitor any additional fraud as it relates to your credit.

Do banks really investigate fraud?

Yes, banks really investigate fraud. These investigations can take up to 45 days on average and if they catch the person responsible, the banks can press state or federal charges against that person.

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What can a scammer do with my bank account number?

If a scammer gets through to your cashapp account, that means any bank accounts or credit cards or debit cards that you have linked to your cash app account are at risk. So what happens if a scammer gets a hold of your bank account number? A lot of bad things, all of which amount to your money being stolen from you.

What to Do If They Won’t Help

But what happens if you’ve already tried this, if you’ve reported everything and you still are getting a resolution? In that case, you can consider alternatives like consumer arbitration. With FairShake, we can help.

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