How to Cancel Your Account with Comcast

If you are cancelling your Comcast service because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Are you unhappy with your Comcast account and now you want to cancel your account with Comcast entirely or simply cancel certain account members? We explain the Comcast cancellation policy, and what steps to take.

If you want to cancel your Comcast service, the company makes it very easy. They are also very flexible about providing a range of alternatives to cancellation which could be a good solution if the scenario fits. However, if you do choose to cancel and you are under contract, you can face a moderate fee.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy for Comcast is very simple. You can cancel at any time but if you are under contract and you cancel prematurely you will face a fee.

The company however is there to work with you so if you want to change something in your account or upgrade your equipment you can do so by visiting My Account.

  • If you are moving, Comcast will help transfer your services to your new address, all you have to do is submit information at xfinity.com/moving. They will also connect you to Wi-Fi hotspots during your move. More information about what to expect during this process can be found in the FAQs.
  • If you want to change your existing plan, you can schedule a call with Comcast and a customer service representative will help you. Alternatively there are certain upgrades or changes you can make to your plan online.
  • If you need new equipment, you can chat with agents online or try basic troubleshooting, but if something has to be returned you can start a return online or bring it to your local Xfinity Store.
  • If you are simply going out of town for an extended length of time you can ask about the seasonal plan and Comcast might be able to put your services on hold temporarily rather than canceling your account with Comcast.

Step-by-step guide to cancel

Comcast makes it very easy to cancel your account if you decide that is what you want to do. There are several ways in which you can cancel your services:

  • Contact Comcast so directly so they can guide you through the process.
  • Chat with Comcast online.
  • Visit your local Xfinity Store.
  • Complete a simple cancellation form.
    Mail a cancellation request, including your first and last name, service address, account number and phone number to:
    Comcast Cable
    ATTN: Service Change Requests
    1701 JFK Blvd.
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

Note: If you mail or email an account cancellation request, Comcast will call you within 2 business days to confirm, so you will end up speaking with customer service regardless.

Common disputes and complaints when canceling

Customers who have tried to cancel their service with Comcast have faith issues when it comes to the high cancellation fees and problems with returned equipment. There are many situations where customers have complained that they returned the equipment but Comcast claimed they didn’t and in the end their final bill reflected a significantly higher amount than anticipated. Other small fees have found their way into the final bill even though customers were unaware that such fees would be part of the cancellation process or were told that they wouldn’t be.

Fees associated with canceling

Comcast charges a fee of $10 per month for all of the months remaining on your contract. So, if you have a subscription for a contract that is 2 years long and you decide to cancel after 12 months when you realize that the prices are going up, Comcast will charge you $10 for every one of the 12 remaining months, so a total fee of $120.

What to do if you are unable to cancel or incur fees for canceling

If you have tried to reach out to Comcast customer service and you are simply unable to cancel your account, or you incurred fees that were unexpected, we can help. At FairShake we help you fight big companies when they are in the wrong.

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