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Comcast Xfinity Complaint

What Comcast Xfinity did: For well over 2 years I have to deal with Comcast/xfinitys unscrupulousl billing, they are unable to stick to a written contract and will give every excuse they can Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints Tell us your Comcast Xfinity issue

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T-Mobile Complaint

What T-Mobile did: I switched to T-Mobile through their Carrier Freedom and Keep and Switch program and they have not processed any of the promised payments to me. I spend hours upon hours of time calling them and going over this to only be told that they will process this and it will be another […]

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Coinbase Complaint

What Coinbase did: For the second or third time, coinbase has made it impossible for me to withdraw or transfer my funds out of my wallet account, while transferring funds into the account is no problem. I recently transferred $100 usd into coinbase, converted it to usdc(us dollar coin) in the account, and sent it […]

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ETS Complaint

What ETS did: Faça upgrade para um Gmail mais inteligente E-mail seguro, rapido e organizado ABRIR TOEFL ETS ID – 13F82A1E [Incident: 240304-002946] T Test Taker Advocacy para mim ha 6 horasDetalhes Guraja A. @ 03/04/2024 11:39 AM: Dear Diego Pinheiro de *****, We are writing concerning your March 2, 2024 TOEFL iBT examination. Please […]

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Freedom Forever Complaint

What Freedom Forever did: My solar panels are not generating the power that was promised. My bill is now larger and includes solar and electric charges. We were told we would get $30,000 in tax refund to pay on our system and we did not receive a penny. They told us our roof was okay […]

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Personal or consolidation loan Complaint

What Personal or consolidation loan did: I have been a Navy aFederal memer for 5 years I have applied fir several loans ALL DENIED. EVEN A 800.00 LOAN. I CALLED TO SOEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR AND SGE HAD THE NERVE TO SAY TO ME HAVE YOU SEEN YOYR CREDIT..I DISCONNECTED THE CALL RUDE Submitted by: […]

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