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Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did: I scammed by instagram as well as cash app for $300 and never was refunded. They never have properly investigated the scam Submitted by: Anonymous in Nevada | Read more Cash App complaints Tell us your Cash App issue

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DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did: DoorDash agents and supervisors are scamming customers. They are guaranteeing compensation and not following through . I don’t know how DoorDash is allowing their agents and supervisors to blatantly lie to customers . It’s illegal and I’m going to see what my chances are in court Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina […]

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Airbnb Complaint

What Airbnb did: Fraudulent charge, not a participant and AIRBNB offered no recourse. I got a random message that my credit card was used and kept calling AIRBNB to contest the charge but they never called me back as their agents promised and just told me it was a friend or family. I cancelled my […]

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Expedia Complaint

What Expedia did: I earned $78 in rewards money. I am trying to redeem it but they wont let me nor will they give me any reason why and tells me they can’t assist me further. Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Expedia complaints Tell us your Expedia issue

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Optimum Complaint

What Optimum did: The billing system doesn’t allow for auto update of your payment source. they only allow for 30 days to take the new source. But when you add a new payment source the system will not add the new source for 30 days. There is not ware on the site that says you […]

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T-Mobile Complaint

What T-Mobile did: the company charged me 35.00 per month for a “free’ extra line or 3rd telephone no. that i never used. This went on for at least five years and, I never checked my itemized bill as I tbelieved the total amount covered 3 devises and only the two (2) phone numbers assocciated […]

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