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Uber Complaint

What Uber did: I was a Uber driver for four years in 2014 to 2018 I wasn’t getting paid overtime or vacation money that was owed to me Submitted by: Anonymous in Illinois | Read more Uber complaints Tell us your Uber issue

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T-Mobile Complaint

What T-Mobile did: Been hacked and they aren’t taking the fraud seriously. 9!fraud reports and they haven’t even reviewed the calls. Found stolen device attached Submitted by: Anonymous in Arizona | Read more T-Mobile complaints Tell us your T-Mobile issue

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Planet Fitness Complaint

What Planet Fitness did: Planet fitness blatantly lied to me about my new membership and what I would owe after my free trial end dats. They were extremely rude to me after I raised a question. Then I was discriminated against from an employee. Mmm same night, I went into the ladies locker room where […]

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Direct TV Complaint

What Direct TV did: I spoke to a woman (Fragrance) yesterday at 4:29pm, said account balance was a credit of $56.26.10min.later, called again,said my bill will be $100.I’m on choice plan/w no premium channels.How does that work? Submitted by: Anonymous in Michigan | Read more Direct TV complaints Tell us your Direct TV issue

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Amazon Complaint

What Amazon did: Purchased one item never received it so it was refunded. Purchased the exact same item and then returned it with the return label for the one that was purchased previously. Amazon will not refund nor give me back the item that was returned Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Amazon […]

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Cenlar Complaint

What Cenlar did: Our closing document (originally with CitiMortgage) clearly states that our home loan is assumable; however, after 5-months with CitiBank and Cenlar, they are now saying that the loan is not assumable. Please note: On our closing doc there are two opt-in box options, loan is assumable OR loan is not assumable, CitiMortgage/Cenlar […]

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