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Equifax Collections Issues

What Equifax did: They leaked my sensitive data which I ended up hacked because of and I had to get multiple different emails and phone and phone service providers but they also listed an open account with Verizon that should technically be closed and I have disputed this multiple times only for it not to […]

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Lyft Bad Customer Support

What Lyft did: They dropped me off at the Dr office, time to pick up they keep saying driver outside I didn’t see anyone,three different cars went to another address, I stood outside for 25 minutes until nurse told me to come back in , finally after45 minutes they came, tried to text customer service […]

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DoorDash Locked My Account

What DoorDash did: Defamation of character. I was deactivated for no reason. Doordash says I was deactivated for marking orders delivered but they were not delivered. I’ve delivered every order accepted. I’ve sent numerous emails to them and which they send a reply saying that they will get back in touch with me and wish […]

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JetBlue Bad Customer Support

What JetBlue did: Fort Meyers is decent but a crew member who works for JetBlue; Gina & Charlotte are by the far the worst people who work there. I had my service animal with me and I’ve been traveling with my pet for many years now due to my disability. I went to check in […]

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Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Charter Spectrum did: Gave me a cell phone that didn’t work and tier 2 couldn’t get it fixed and kept going from one person to next and finally told me to just send in phone and I could go back to old carrier. Phone was in perfect new like condition when I sent it […]

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DoorDash Lied About the Price

What DoorDash did: I am a dasher and have been dealing with multiple situations where the company has been fraudulent one of the situations was Getting named out by customer service about a situation were there was a glitch in the system and the order would show up as incomplete but the manager of greensboro […]

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