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DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did: My mother is disabled my father has passed away I’m only 18 I don’t have a car yet DoorDash has let dashers take my food they don’t give me any credits back the second I get credits back for everything they disabled my account so I called DoorDash they said wait 24 […]

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Venmo Complaint

What Venmo did: I opened a Venmo account about a year ago, I just recently, started having my pension check directly deposited into my Venmo account starting February 1st. 6-7 days ago they froze my account with $401 in it. They said suspicious activity and possibly end user violation was the reason. It’s still frozen […]

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American Airlines Complaint

What American Airlines did: Flight cancelled due to pilot timing out , no accommodations provided even though the airport closed in St Thomas , husband with severe disability left outside ( 6 in party and 2 with severe disabilities ) Waited 27 hrs !!!!!! No food or drink for 20 hrs. Submitted by: Anonymous in […]

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UberEats Complaint

What UberEats did: I put in an order to be delivered. The order said it was delivered however I never received it. I called the driver multiple times and they would not answer. I contacted support several times and they refuse to refund me. I’ve talked to multiple people including super visors and they are […]

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Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did: I made a mistake by using my cash app card to pay for a hotel, and when they released my money cash would not release the hold. I called cash app and they said i needed a letter from the hotel stated that there is a zero balance or I will […]

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Westlake Financial Complaint

What Westlake Financial did: I purchased vehicle from them paid in full after repossession. They sent a title but its not the coorect one i need rpoe title and they refuse to give it me. Therefore i cannot tegister vehicle Submitted by: Anonymous in New Jersey | Read more Westlake Financial complaints Tell us your […]

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