Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

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We applied for their signature plus card that had a 40,000 miles bonus if you spend a certain amount. We got approved for what we thought was that card but in reality without our knowledge because they didn’t advise us, we actually did not get approved for the signature card but got approved for the platinum card that only awards 8500 miles….in the end we were still under the impression that we were going to get 40,000 bonus miles so we spent the money on the card to get that. Upon login we find that we have 8500 miles instead of 40,000. This was deceitful. Upon speaking with them over the phone they were unwilling to award us the 40,000 miles and told us that right after we got approved they made it so that anyone would receive 40,000 regardless of the card. So now we’re in debt $3000 and have 8500 miles instead of 40,000.

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Award us 40,000 miles or cancel the debt

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