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Published on August 24, 2019

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A man was knocking on all the doors in my Complex which is a disabled and low income tenant complex. When he came to my door I asked for him to check in lowering my bill. After about one half hour he had me set up for something that was supposed to be lower then wha I was paying. Well every single thing out of his mouth was lies. From free set up to the price and a remote you talk into. All lies. One year later my bill wasn’t paid and showed up as not paid and that I owed almost 3X the normal amount. They have made my credit go from Excellent to Good. And nobody ever mentioned the low income “Internet Essential”. That is the ONLY thing I needed was internet. He had me lose my Verizon that was less for a lot more and I was with Verizon for 20+ years.. I was stuck in a mess of lies with no way to get out of it.

I called and talked to online help, it should ALL be on record that I spoke to them on the phone, and on the help texting live, to fix this and gave them the name of the man that lied and put me to this day in the negative. But offered me no solution. None. He said I could get Stars free for a month and I declined. I didn’t want more.. I wanted a lot less. So, What?? I am on new medications, my son is 7 and we a extremely low income. My budget only can handle internet at one price any higher Amy lower and I can’t do it. I said this ALL to everyone I spoke to. Rudely they never helped me once. And they still prey on this Low Income housing complex in Leominster. Verizon as well. They knock on doors and buzz into buildings. Unsure if they get permission from the Leominster PD. Which is a must if going door to door. They all need CORI checks and these men (all men) sometimes one man and at times two men. They knock and I am a single mom and I am usually home alone. I am on disability and I don’t control my own money so in all reality they need to assure my father can pay. I dont know what I have in my bank since my father is the Rep Payee. I have been put on more meds since dealing with them, I’ve been in complete hyper tension. Since the knock on the door. All I wanted was the lowest costing plan I could get. That’s all. And they gave me what they felt they wanted too. No offer on the paper they held had the low income plan. Never even knew about it till I finally began to look at options to fix this that’s cost me over 3,450 dollars.

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