Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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We became Sprint customers with 4 phone lines in February or March of 2018. We cancelled one line and paid off phone lease in June of 2019 and upgraded one phone at that time and also paid off that lease to keep the phone. However, our bill has been nothing but a nightmare since. I had a lengthy (approx 3 hrs) online chat conversation with three different Sprint reps on August 15th to get things straightened out. We were promised in writing and I do have a copy of the transcript that if we upgraded our last two lines, we could get the Samsung A50’s for only $3.47/month per phone. That was an $11 and some change discount per phone/month. We were told this by TWO different agents during the chat conversation. I was also told our bill would be about 190ish/month plus taxes. Our September bill rolls around and the bill is approx $240 because they did not apply the discount we were promised via writing to the two new phones. We spent many hours on the phone on several different occasions trying to get this corrected and everyone kept telling us that the online agent told us wrong and that the discount they promised was the a different Samsung phone. However, we feel that the chat conversation stating we would get the Samsung A50’s for the discounted price was a binding contract asit is in writing. We finally spoke to someone on October 1 for 1 hour and 50 minutes and was finally able to speak to a floor manager who agreed to give us a $20 discount on that current bill which was due on 10/2. He also agreed to uphold the written agreement in the chat to give us the two Samsung A50s for $3.47/month per phone. Fast forward to today, we got our current bill and yet again it is approx $240 because once again the discount for those phones has not been applied. It is only about $23/month total they are overcharging us but that is not the point at all. This has been nothing but a nightmare for the last two to three months.

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We would simply like to just get out of our lease agreement, send back all of our equipment and not be charged an early termination fee or anything else. NO CHARGES at all and nothing be reported to the credit bureaus for nonpayment, etc.

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