Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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My identity was stolen by a Sprint/Sams employee named Quiana Capers who works at Sams Wireless Center on Skivord Road in Fayetteville, NC. I informed Sprint 12.9.19 that someone was in my account changing my password and security questions. Nothing was done after calling multiple times per day and finally on 12.12.19 I put my story in the comments of Sprints Facebook page and I tagged JSO/News stations. Then they wanted to reach out to me. However, Quiana had already stolen my identity and gave it to Jeffrey Judde. Together they ran up 8 grand in equipment, games, movies and apps at different Sams Wireless stores. My contract was accessed and she was able to get my social and drivers license information. As of 12.13.19 she was still employed and who knows how many customers she has done this to. She is watching sprints Facebook page and when someone leaves a complaint she messages them in order to steal their information. I have screenshots of her and 2 other people that are scamming sprint customers. As of today 12.20.19 Sprint nor Sams has followed up with me. I asked for a Lifelock subscription and for the employee to be prosecuted. Nobody will return my calls. As of 12.26.19 my account was accessed again by impersonators and my service was cut off at 6PM. Now 7:07pm and they inform that 3 more lines have been added to my account and there’s nothing they can do until fraud opens tomorrow. They continue to allow people into my account knowing it is not me.

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They need to issue a statement letting their customers know about sim swapping. They need to protect identity better. These people are using my address, name, license number and all. They are not showing an ID and still being allowed to access my account.

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