T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

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On January 17th 2020, my SIM card was hijacked/swapped due to security issues on T-Mobile side, by a hacker. They confirmed it and clearly admitted that it started on their side. As a result of this, my phone was oof the network for ~ 15 minutes, my email was reset, my Coinbase account was reset, the hacker took my assets, 20 LTC ~ $1200 at the moment of this incident (I purchased it when this was worth ~ $2200) and used my linked Bank of America debit card and made several consecutive purchases resulting in total loss of $4970 + ~ $200 worth of fees that bank charged me. They would have depleted the account if the bank didn’t stop these transactions ($5000 red flag on the bank side seems pretty loose).
I immediately contacted the bank as soon as my phone service was back, since it was disconnected because the T-Mobile representative allowed swap or did it by themselves, not sure. I tried disputing transactions with the bank twice, submitting/faxing all proofs of the hack that I collected. Both times they stated that all transactions were posted just fine and that they cannot cancel them (it took them over 2 months to make a decision).
The T-Mobile clearly admits the flaw in their system and the accident but don’t hold themselves responsible for it, saying, “Hackers are everywhere”. I tried getting their investigation report but they said that only a lawyer could request it from them.

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To refund me $4970 + ~ $200 of bank fees plus worth of 20LTC. That much was stolen from me.

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