AT&T Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

AT&T Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

I’m writing about the continuing problem I’ve been having with my ATT, and unfortunately this is probably going to be a long email. I signed up to get an Att package of 100 mbps speed and direct TV choice package in April 2020 for appz $110. Some how I was assigned 2 separate accounts,1 for wifi and other for TV. On the My Att app I was charged 60 something but started getting text needs saying I still owed $116, which comes to almost $180 a month for services. That’s when I learned about the 2 accounts. in an attempt to shorten the email, I will skip to the bottom line. after 9 phone calls, None of them under 45 minutes, last one one was an hour and 45 mins. Not only am I still waiting to find out of they managed to bundle my services at the price quoted me in the beginning, but my wifi is speed is running at an average of 30 mbps, not even half of the 100 speed I’m suppose to be getting. When I called about that, I was told the only way to fix this is but an extender, upgrade my service, or have a tech come out at $99. so the only way to get even close to the speed I’m paying for is to dorms more money! Since I doughnuts up with Att, including deposits,I have paid a total of $458.08 since April, I’m not getting the speed, I’m not bundled, and the app says in big bold letters that I still owe $116.93 and my services may be cut off. This is completely unacceptable and ridiculous.

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