PayPal Locked My Account

PayPal Locked My Account

Hello my name is Abdias ******* I have a PayPal account. My account was limited on 9/13/2020 for no reason. I received money from a friend that he owed me so I could pay my bills when I tried to withdraw the money to my bank, PayPal would not allow me to do that. Then two days after that my account was limited when I was told it wasn’t going to be limited. I then provided all the required information PayPal asked for. Then on 9/17/2020 I received a disturbing email saying my account was permanently limited. I haven’t violated none of PayPal policy guidelines or user Agreement. The only thing I did was receive money from a friend and try to transfer my funds to my bank account and that’s in accordance with PayPal guidelines. I followed all PayPal necessary guidelines by verifying my account, linking my bank account, as well as my debit card. So it just baffles me on why they would do something like this to me when I didn’t violate any policy guidelines or user agreements. I’ve had one prior account limitation and PayPal removed it after I submitted my documents, Which makes it even more confusing on why they would lock me out my account. I have bills to pay and this is extremely putting me in a hard financial bind especially during a pandemic. This is putting a lot of stress on me financially and mentally. If this situation is not resolved PayPal leaves me no choice but to hire a lawyer because I know this is against my rights. I signed an agreement with them stating if I violated any of the policies this would happen but I didn’t violate any policy guidelines which is why PayPal is breaching the contract we had between us. Please contact me back at your earliest convenience as this is very urgent for me. Email : ***********@*****.***
Phone: **********

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PayPal continues to claim my account is a risk yet is not mentioning how it is a risk or what I have done to breech their contract or break any laws. There still hasn’t been any charge backs nor will there ever be. There was no product being sold at all but friends and family sending me money. I no longer want to be serviced by PayPal or use their platform. I just pull just like to retrieve the remaining funds left on my account as soon as possible so I can pay for my living expenses. There is no reason why I should have to wait 180 days for money sent from a friend or family member.

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