What Is FairShake

Published on July 14, 2017 by the FairShake Team

Ever felt cheated by your wireless company? Your cable or internet provider? Does it seem like your bill goes up and up for no reason?

Well you’re not alone. We hear about all sorts of deceptive practices by companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, T-Mobile, and others. The good news is you may be able to claim money. Start here.

Companies in these industries are continually being named and shamed for misleading sales tactics, overcharging, and nightmare customer service experiences. That’s probably why studies show they are among the least popular corporations out there.

FairShake was created to help customers like us take on big companies when they go wrong. The website helps file arbitration claims, so that customer can get even for bad experiences, and get paid for their trouble. Often individuals find they are entitled to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in claims.

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Misled by a cable or internet provider? ready to start your claim?

We’ll take your information and contact you about how to make a claim. A lot of abusive practices customers take for granted can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in successful complaints, and we’ll do the work…

FairShake helps put the power back in your hands

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