Understanding Your Credit One Statement

Credit One statements can be long and complex. Here’s how to decode it, and what you can do if it’s wrong…

Do you have a complaint against Credit One because of your bill?  Maybe your bill is hard to understand. Perhaps there are charges that make no sense and leave you puzzled. Does your bill not reflect your recent payment? Maybe you are just not happy with your Credit One bill and you are trying to understand the statement. No matter what the reason, we are going to explore how to understand your Credit One bill in this article.

If you're having trouble understanding your bill from Credit One, we'll walk you through what you need to know.

How to Read & Review Your Bill

What's Included in Your Statement

Credit One has a reputation for issuing cards to those with less than ideal credit scores. However, they often do not provide easy-to-understand statements. Also, they at notorious for not posting a payment for weeks after they receive it so the bill might not even reflect the most recent payment if it was made on time. This can all be confusing if you are trying to read your bill and you expect to see a payment posted but it fails to display one on the statement.

On the Credit One bill pay statement you will see the following:

  • Current balance
  • Amount owed
  • Minimum payment
  • Charges made during the billing cycle
  • Past due amount
  • Available credit
  • Cash rewards

What to do if Your Payment Doesn't Show Up

Understanding Why a Payment Doesn’t Show Up

Are you looking at your statement and you don’t see a recent payment?  If you sent your payment in before the end of the billing cycle which are the open and close dates reflected on the statement, then it might not show up. The actual payment due date is usually two or three weeks after the billing cycle closes. If you send the payment too soon then the company will apply it to the billing cycle when the payment was received. In order to see your payment on the statement, then you should wait to send your payment, so it is applied to the right billing cycle before the cycle closes. However, always make sure that you pay your bill before the payment due date so it is not late, or you will incur late charges which will be reflected in your next statement. Online bill pay is easy to set up and you’ll be able to see immediately when your Credit One bill has posted. Credit One bill pay online is also available. Online payments tend to take 24 hours to post or longer during holidays and weekends. If you are mailing your Credit One pay bill payment then please give it ample time to arrive since the credit card company will report you as late and charge a late fee (which will be reflected on your statement) if you fail to get the payment to them on time.


Paying Your Bill

Your Online Credit One Statement

You can receive your statement online but you will have to create a Credit One account page.  To fill it out, you’ll need to provide personal information and your credit card details. You’ll then be asked to answer several questions which are asked for security reasons. Online bill pay is easy to set up. You can also make payments and even have email reminders sent to remind you of your next statement and bill due date. To make a Credit One Bank pay my bill online then you can use your debit/ATM card or even your checking/savings account. You’ll have two payment options: standard payment or express payment.

  • Express Payments: Use your debit card or bank account to quickly pay your bill. You’ll see the available credit update on your online statement the next business day. An express payment will cost you $9.95. However, it is an option if your payment might be late otherwise because you do not want to take a hit on your credit score nor pay expensive late fees. Please remember, if you choose this option then you must submit your online payment before 5 pm PST the day of your payment due date or it will be late and might not be reflected on your next statement. In addition, you might incur late fees.
  • Standard Payments: You can use your bank account to pay your bill using the standard payment option, but your online credit card statement may not reflect the payment for up to seven days. Standard payments are always free.

Credit One Mobile App and Automatic Payments 

Once you have your online account set up and you are receiving online statements then you can use Credit One Bank’s mobile app to access your account and view your statement.

Contacting Customer Service About Your Statement

If you simply cannot figure out your statement or have questions, then you can contact Credit One customer service support at 1 (877) 825-3242. You can also contact them via mail.

To send a payment

Payment Services  P.O. Box 60500  City of Industry, CA 91716-0500

General Questions

P.O. Box 98873  Las Vegas, NV 89193-8873

Errors on Your Statement

P.O. Box 98873  Las Vegas, NV 89193-8873

Okay, are none of these contact options working? Now what?

If you cannot figure out your Credit One statement and you have tried calling customer service, but you are getting nowhere then it’s time to explore other options. If you plan on filing a claim against Credit One,  let us help you file a claim so you can avoid the hassle of phone calls, emails, and long, drawn-out chat logs.

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