Complaints Against DirecTV

Is your complaint against DirecTV not being taken seriously? We can help.

Were you overcharged on your DirecTV bill – again?  Have you called customer service more times than you can count to resolve a billing issue only to see that it is not fixed?  Do you get a different answer from DirecTV customer service representatives every time you call? If you are frustrated with your DirecTV bill and lack of customer service, you are not alone.

Top complaints against DirecTV

  1. Billing disputes
  2. Failing to honor their promotions
  3. Poor customer service

If you feel like you are getting nowhere with DirecTV, we may be able to help you.  FairShake helps frustrated customers take effective action against internet, telephone, and cable providers. Take a look at our other complaint guides to find similar issues with other telecom companies.

Billing problems

There are a lot of complaints about DirecTV’s billing practices.  Customers have filed grievances about plans being switched without their knowledge.   These plans end up costing customers more money than what they agreed to. Customer service representatives may give consumers free channels for their troubles, yet consumers find that they are charged for these when they review their bills.   And, some complaints report unauthorized fees or services that customers didn’t sign up for. Recently, a class action suit was filed against AT&T about their new DirecTV Now service.  The suit claims that customers were signed up by AT&T and DirecTV for DirecTV Now without their knowledge.

“DirecTv says I signed a contract. I did not knowingly sign one. I have talked with them, and talked with them. They told me today it is in with the equipment signing. No one ever informed me of this or I would have had them take it away. I was never told about a contract. I would not sign a contract. Now I have an early termination fee.”

Anonymous Complaint

Customers also say that they are promised gift cards as part of a special promotion, but they never receive them.

Complaints are also lodged when DirecTV’s equipment breaks.  When the company sends replacement equipment, it can change a customer’s contract terms without their approval.  Or, if a customer is required to upgrade their system by DirecTV, they often see extra charges when they review their bill, even after they were told there would be no cost to them.

Failing to honor promotions

Consumers report that they joined DirecTV with a special promotion only to find out they are charged more than they were told.  Frustrated customers also say that they joined under a 12-month special promotion only to find that they are locked in to a 24-month contract.   Other common grievances include customers signing up for packages with select TV channels offered which are taken away with no pricing adjustment.

Poor customer service

Customers say that when they call customer service for help, they are unresponsive and unhelpful.  They promise to fix their account for billing or promotion problems, but it’s not done. Upset customers call back several times to resolve their issues only to be frustrated when they review the next month’s bill from DirecTV.

Customers often cite being on the phone for several hours and being switched between representatives when they call in for help.  Many say that they are on hold for long periods or are told that they need to call another department after speaking with numerous customer service representatives.

If you are frustrated with unauthorized charges, overbilling, or poor service and can’t get your DirecTV dispute resolved to your satisfaction, FairShake may be able to help you.  We work with consumers to file claims against DirecTV.

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