Can I get a refund from DirecTV?

If you deserve a refund from DirecTV, we can help you get it. If customer service has let you down you have a legal option to get a fair resolution for your dispute with DirecTV.

If you have an issue with DirecTV, you might deserve a refund. Maybe you are an existing customer legally bound by contract or maybe you are a former customer who recently canceled a contract because DirecTV made a mistake. Sometimes they overcharge you, sometimes there are hidden fees that you didn’t agree to, misleading sales tactics, or a failure to honor promotions and discounts. In these situations you might be able to get a refund from DirecTV. We explain what options you have. 

Does DirecTV give refunds?

The short answer is yes, you can theoretically get a refund from DirecTV. DirecTV has many situations where you fully deserve a refund based on the contract you have.

For example, you might pay a security deposit on a piece of equipment and deserve a refund for that deposit once you return the equipment.

You might be owed a refund because there was a surplus on your account or you overpaid.

DirecTV could owe you a refund in the event that a discount, promotional deal, or credit or adjustment was made to rectify mistakes or to reward you for service. However, these promotional deals and adjustments to your account can take up to 2 months to appear. But once they do appear, what options do you have?

Active Accounts

If you have a current DirecTV account you can request a refund for your credit balance by contacting the DirecTV customer service. They typically issue the refund once it’s approved to whatever payment method you used originally when you paid for your account. So, if the issue was an overpayment from your monthly bill, whatever method you use to pay your monthly bill is where the refund will be issued should you request it.

  • If you made your payment with a credit card or debit card, it gets processed right back to that same card.
  • If you made a payment with online bill pay, it will be electronically refunded to your bank account only if you have auto-pay and provide them with a blank check that has been voided, and a bank statement showing the payment and your bank account number. If you don’t want to give those two pieces of information they can issue a refund check to the name and address on your account so be sure to check the name and address you have before you ask for a check because they won’t send it twice.
  • If you made a payment with a regular electronic bank draft or check, you have to send a bank statement showing that the transaction was cleared or send them a letter on bank letterhead indicating that the payment was cleared and not in dispute. If you send a letter it has to include the amount, the date it was cleared, and a bank employee name and contact number, presumably whoever wrote the letter on your behalf.

For either of the last two options there will be a 14-day holding period before they issue a refund, assuming they have approved the refund.

Account balance refunds from DirecTV

Let’s say you get a bill from DirecTV and you pay it only to realize later that it was too high, maybe they overcharged you for something or charged you a hidden see that doesn’t apply to your situation.

If you notice this and you bring it to their attention, and DirecTV customer service decides to right the wrong, you still have to reach out to DirecTV to change how your refund is applied.

Automatically DirecTV will convert that overpayment amount or that refund into a credit balance. A credit balance gets automatically applied to your next bill so it simply deduct from the total you owe on your next DirecTV bill. However you can opt to have that money refunded directly to you rather than waiting.

Canceled Accounts

Maybe you canceled your account and DirecTV owes you a refund. DirecTV says that they process these refunds for cancelled accounts 45 days after the last service day on your account but if you haven’t received your refund after 60 days, DirecTV says to contact them here.

What happens if DirecTV refuses to issue the refund I deserve?

DirecTV might still fail to honor a refund even if you deserve it. You might reach out to call customer service in an attempt to fix the problem but the representative simply doesn’t have the power to fix it and the emails get ignored with no response. 

If they don’t get back to you in a timely fashion or they don’t resolve the issue and it’s a refund that you deserve,you can try consumer arbitration. With our service, you get help reaching out to DirecTV and exploring your remaining options for a refund.

What other options do you have at this point? Consumer arbitration, which is a legal option you have laid out in your user agreement and it gives you a way to have an independent party look at the situation and potentially force DirecTV to fix the problem and issue the refund you deserve. We can help.

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