Viasat Internet Prices: What You Should be Paying for WiFi

Are you pay too much for your Viasat internet? We can help.

Are you considering Viasat internet but you want to know if the Wi-Fi cost is worth what you get in return?  Maybe you already have Viasat internet but your bill was higher than you expected or contained fees no one told you about. In this article we review what you should be paying for Wi-Fi and examine the different Viasat internet prices.

Pros and Cons of Viasat Internet



Viasat is available anywhere in the US so people who might not have access to other providers will very likely have access to Viasat  internet

Viasat requires a 2 year contract for their plans. Technically you can choose special month to month plans, but they require a hefty fee up front.

Most new subscribers get an introductory price for the first 3 months.

Your data is reprioritized once you meet your data threshold.

In rural areas, the download speed can be high compared to other providers and you can connect multiple devices to your Wi-Fi.

They have very limited speeds even though they claim to have a lot of packages.

Viasat Wifi Prices and Plans

Viasat offers a range of Internet packages, starting with for standard internet options and then three additional priority data packages. The additional priority data packages are referred to as the Liberty plan and these are only available in certain areas. They differ from the four standard internet plans because they allow you to maintain download speeds during the day even if you have exceeded your data allowance.

Let’s look at their plans side by side:


Starting Price

Price after 3 months

Download speeds

Data Cap

Unlimited bronze 12

 $50 per month

 $70 per month

12 Mbps

40 GB

Unlimited silver 25

 $70 per month

 $100 per month

25 Mbps

60 GB

Unlimited gold 50

 $100 per month

 $150 per month

50 Mbps

100 GB

Unlimited Platinum 100

 $150 per month

 $200 per month

100 Mbps 

150 GB

Liberty 12

 $30 per month

 $50 per month

12 Mbps

12 GB

Liberty 25

 $50 per month

 $75 per month

12 Mbps

25 GB

Liberty 50

 $75 per month

 $100 per month

12 Mbps

50 GB

Is the lowest cost high internet speed good enough?

Whether you get the lowest-cost or most expensive plan, if you get a Liberty plan they all have similar speed thresholds with a maximum download speed of 12 Mbps. All 7 of the internet plans have data caps that result in throttling, and they will all increase after 3 months.

Saving money for the first three months of your contract might not necessarily be worth the pretty significant increase that you faced thereafter. Given the fact that they require more often than not two year contracts, this subsequent increase after the first three months can be very expensive by the time your contract is fulfilled.

In addition, the prices listed in the chart above are subject to change at any time, they can even be more expensive depending on where you live. The fine print fromViasat says that they do not include taxes or additional fees.

Are there hidden fees?

With all of these plans, there are additional fees.

First off are the equipment fees. Professional installation for Viasat equipment is $99.95. Renting the Wi-Fi modem is an additional $9.99 each month and you cannot use your own equipment.

Secondly there are the contract options. As mentioned, most plans have the option of a contract for 2 years or no contract. The two-year contract plan is less expensive each month.  If you break your contract prematurely you get charged an extra $15 each month

For example: if you had 6 months left on your two year contract you would be charged $90 when you cancel.

If you want a no-contract plan where you pay month-to-month, you have to pay upfront an additional $300. This doesn’t make financial sense unless you plan to keep your Viasat internet for more than 2 years. 

Does Viasat have unlimited internet no upfront cost?

They do not. The Wi-Fi cost you pay for Viasat usually requires a two-year contract. If you try to sign up for a month-to-month plan, you typically pay an upfront cost of $300.

In addition to this, no matter which of the plans you choose, Viasat is known for technically offering unlimited data but in the fine print actually enforcing A system that they called “Data Thresholds”. Each plan has a different threshold and once you surpass that threshold they actually throttle your internet speed which means your internet gets slower, and not just by a little bit, by a lot. And it stays that slow until your next billing cycle.

Even though they technically offer unlimited internet, all of the speeds they provide stay within the same range regardless of plan; so you only get between 12 and 100 Mbps which is particularly slow compared to almost every other internet provider and it’s not something they draw your attention to when you sign up.

How does Viasat internet cost compare to others?

There are lots of competing companies that might have better wifi prices. Below is a comparison of Viasat internet cost with a few other competitors:




Starting price

 $50 per month 

$29.99 per month

Internet Speeds

12-100 Mbps

10-940 Mbps

Data Cap


1 Tb per month


 2 year contract

1 year

Problem with your Viasat internet cost?

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