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Slow Internet from Viasat

If your internet isn’t holding up to Viasat’s promises, tell us about it below. Your story could help others advocate for better service.

Now that working from home has become the new norm, many people are relying on their internet provider for lightning-fast download speeds. However, that reliable internet connection that you desperately need might be giving you more slow internet, which is the complete opposite of fast. But don’t worry, we’re going to address the most common bad internet connection problems below. 

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Keep in mind that your plan with Viasat will determine precisely how fast your internet speed is capable of going, and you can find this out by checking your monthly invoice or looking online at Viasat’s website for the plan you’re enrolled in. Once you’ve determined what your maximum internet speed is capable of doing, let’s find out how to achieve that.     

There are several places you can troubleshoot yourself before contacting Viasat’s customer service; check these suggestions out first: 

  • Bandwidth – There was probably a time when that low-cost monthly subscription from Viasat worked well for your minimal needs on the internet. However, as time passes on and your internet demands have changed, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your bandwidth and see if you need to increase it to meet your current household’s needs.   
  • Speed – You should check your internet connection speed regularly to see if you’re receiving everything you’re paying for. This is also an excellent way to find out if you’re experiencing a bad internet connection without having to call tech support. There are multiple online resources that offer free speed tests; below, we discuss this further.   
  • Location – If you’re renting or using a router from your provider, you may want to consider the place where it is set up. The further your router is from your devices, the higher your risk is for slow internet or other connection problems. You could either move your router closer to your workspace or invest in a wifi extender to boost your signal’s strength.  
  • Wiring – Oftentimes, the solution is as simple as replacing an old wire with a new one that is stronger and more effective for achieving faster connection rates. Ethernet cords can get faulty over time and result in speed issues with your internet connection. Try replacing any old wires or equipment to see if that’s what you needed to fix your slow internet.
  • Hijackers – Sounds unbelievable, right? However, there is a chance that your slow internet speeds are being caused by a neighbor hijacking your internet service. This actually happens more often than people think and can be easily fixed by changing your password on your router. In fact, you should change your password a few times a year unless you are using a super-secure password system that only the military could breakthrough. 
  • Channels – Your router is using channels to send and receive data, and sometimes these channels can be overcrowded, causing slow internet. You can install an app for both Android and iOS users that will show you all the devices connected to your network. This will give you an idea of where your bandwidth is being used, and you can also change your router’s channels by accessing its configuration page. 

Down below, we will share with you the best websites that do speed tests for free. You’ll also want to look at your plan with Viasat to see what it includes for your maximum internet speeds. 

Test Your Internet Speed 

Testing your Internet speed is one way to determine if your provider is causing your bad internet connection. Our first recommendation is for anybody using Google to simply type in your search bar ‘speed test’ and allow Google’s software to run the tests needed on your internet connection. This is a fast and reliable service that millions of people use regularly. 

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However, there are plenty of other free speed tests available on the internet, and here are our other top suggestions: 

Compare Your Speed with Your Viasat Contract

Depending on which plan you have with Viasat, your internet connection speeds will vary. You can quickly determine what your plan allows by checking your monthly statement or simply log onto Viasat’s website to view the details of your plan. Once you know what you’re paying for, you can compare it to your speed test to see if those numbers match up accordingly. 

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Viasat is currently working on building a new satellite system, and they are calling it ViaSat-3. This will be an upgrade in the download speeds compared to the current rates that are now offered. The Viasat-3 is estimated to increase customer download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps). This will be a huge benefit for all Viasat customers!  

Troubleshoot with Viasat Customer Service

Once you have tried all the available options to troubleshoot your slow internet on your own, you may consider calling Viasat’s customer service to help you with your bad internet connection. They have a team of trained consultants that are available to assist you with your issue and provide all the tools necessary to troubleshoot your internet lagging. 

Just call Viasat Customer Service at 855-393-3302 to get started. When it’s your turn to speak with a Viasat customer service agent, you will probably need to perform some simple tasks for them to troubleshoot your bad internet connection. 

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Here are a few samples of what you may need to do: 

  • Run a speed test using their software.
  • Restart both your modem and your router.  
  • Check your connections and cords.
  • Unplug all your devices and then reconnect after a certain amount of time. 

File an Official Complaint and Get Compensated

Suppose none of the attempts have worked to solve your bad internet connection. In that case, Viasat’s customer service agents might try to sell you additional repeaters or upgrades in hopes of improving your slow internet. Do not agree to any other charges or costs to fix your internet. Just be sure to file a dispute through FairShake.

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