Get Paid for Your Expedia Complaint

What Some Customers Get in Compensation from Expedia

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So you have complaint against Expedia. A major issue. And Expedia customer service hasn’t solved your complaint.

Maybe you want compensation for overcharges, fraudulent sales tactics, collections issues, or impact to your credit. Maybe you just want Expedia to admit they’re in the wrong and give you fair treatment. Either way, you’re looking to take action on your Expedia complaint.

So, the question is: how can you make Expedia hear your complaint? Can you sue Expedia? What sort of compensation do customers get for their Expedia complaints?

Your Options

The first thing to know, is that your Expedia contract probably limits your options for legal complaints against Expedia. You generally have two options:

  1. Take your Expedia complaint to Small Claims Court, or
  2. Take your Expedia complaint to Consumer Arbitration

We at FairShake can help you file a claim against companies like Expedia. We’ll take your complaint through the legal process of consumer arbitration. This usually gets them to negotiate.

Here’s some information from the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on how recent complaints against Expedia have been resolved:

The Numbers

In the last two years, 31 complaints against Expedia were resolved through the arbitration system.

Although settlement amounts are secret, the average complaint against Expedia asked for $10,436 in compensation.

Arbitration complaints against Expedia took an average of over 5 months to resolve.

Complaints handled by FairShake are often settled before arbitration, which can be much faster. You can start your claim for free now:

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