Lawsuits against FrontPoint

Recent and notable lawsuits against FrontPoit

FrontPoint is an up-and-coming home security system that has made a name for itself by offering no long contracts and a lot of wireless home security systems as well as DIY security systems that have packages comparable to competing home security providers.

They have made a name for themselves by offering these unique packages and products but that also puts them at the center of a lot of consumer complaints. In this article we pull together the legal actions and lawsuits taken against FrontPoint over the last few years so that you can learn more about different settlements and what these legal actions mean for you as a FrontPoint customer.

Are lawsuits allowed against Frontpoint?

This is where things get complicated. As is the case with most legal questions, the answer is a yes and a no depending on the situation, the circumstances, what your issue is, and what your relationship is with the company.

As a consumer or a customer of FrontPoint, your options are limited. Your user agreement will typically include language that says you cannot sue the company in most situations using regular legal courts. This is done to protect the best interests of the company and to reduce the amount of superfluous lawsuits, unending mountains of paperwork, and a lot of time and money.

But this gives you an advantage as well. That agreement still gives you the option to take FrontPoint to a small claims court, or to file a consumer arbitration claim against them.

We are biased, but consumer arbitration is usually the easier option and the better solution for consumers like you. It’s also the one that we can help you with so you don’t have to fight the company alone.

What is a class action lawsuit? Can I file one against Frontpoint?

Class action lawsuits are intended to bring together a group of individuals who all have the same complaint. However, as mentioned, if you are a FrontPoint customer, you usually don’t have the option to file a class action lawsuit or join an existing lawsuit.

Because of your contract there will be specific language that prevents you from getting involved in a class action suit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved at all

At FairShake, we are reinventing the FrontPoint lawsuit process.

Many consumers have the same complaints with the company and many consumers have the same questions about what their legal rights are when things don’t work out the way they should, when the company doesn’t fix a problem, or when a mistake was made. Rather than trying to pursue a FrontPoint class action lawsuit, which you usually can’t even do, we will file a personalized legal document with the company and then guide you through the legal process.

As a Frontpoint customer, what options do I have for a lawsuit?

If you are a customer there are a ton of ways that you can make a claim against the company, get your voice heard, and let others know what happened. You can do things like make a claim with your credit card provider or with the Better Business Bureau.

But your legal options usually involve one of two things.

  1. First, you can sue them in small claims court where you will be asked to attend a court hearing and then pay legal fees.
  2. Second, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Consumer arbitration is a process laid out in your contract, something you can do instead of a regular lawsuit. It allows you to argue your case before an independent arbitrator who works just like a judge, and that arbitrator can force the company to fix the problem and give you compensation. We at Fair Shake help you by making this process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable Frontpoint lawsuits

Patent Infringement Allegations

FrontPoint were sued for an infringement issue. This is a patent infringement case where iControl has claimed that they violated a confidentiality agreement and encroached upon registered patents.

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