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Is hiding price increase from subscribers the company's latest trick?

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Published on March 11, 2020 by the FairShake Team

In February of 2020, Optimum bumped up its prices for new and existing customers, according to The Verge. Higher prices is never welcome, but the real problem is how Optimum went about telling people about the new prices. The didn’t, really.

According to The Verge, hid their plans to increase prices within the bill for the previous month:

Optimum did inform customers that the rate hike was coming, but it was easy to miss. The warning was tucked within subscribers’ monthly bill for January, under the heading “Optimum Updates” and prefaced by a message about how the company is trying to provide “the most advanced services and entertainment in the nation.” And customers may not have looked at their bill at all; if you opt to receive digital statements, you have to go out of your way to download and view the PDF bill with the message in it.

Particularly troubling, is that many Optimum customers have few to no other options for cable and internet.

As with many telecom companies, this news is just the latest in a long series of legal issues for the company.


If you have a claim against Optimum, whether for misleading pricing, dishonest sales tactics, or anything else, tell us about it now and we will help you get a fair resolution through FairShake:

More from The Verge:

Altice has repeatedly found ways to slip in price hikes ever since it purchased Optimum in 2015. In 2017, it started charging a modem rental fee — $5 per month for existing subscribers, $10 for new subscribers — whereas Optimum originally had no rental fee. Last year, it introduced a “Network Enhancement Fee,” which is basically just a $2.50 per month price hike that the company pretends is a necessary service fee. For new customers, the fee appears to be $3.50 per month.

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