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We started FairShake because we've all been taken advantage of by big companies.

Teel CEO / Product

Teel founded FairShake after an airline took him on a 72-hour detour involving two countries not in his travel plans.

Max Growth

Max once spent 5 months fighting for the reinstatement of 40,000 airline miles that had been wrongly categorized as expired.

Samet User Research

Samet has had so many frustrating customer service interactions that it’s hard to settle on just one!

Brian Engineering

Brian loves working on a service that helps people leverage and assert their rights. He finds it so fulfilling to to see the difference between when people first approach FairShake to when their complaints are finally resolved.

Lauren Marketing

When trying to switch their internet over to a new address, Lauren’s ISP duplicated their account instead of transferring it. They ended up with two accounts, two bills, and no internet. They never got reimbursed.

Ty Engineering

Ty’s flight was delayed by 8 hours on the way to a meeting with his company, and 36 hours on the way back. He received no compensation and had to spend the night at a friends house on an air mattress because of it.

We know what it’s like to have a problem with a product or service and have to fight for a fair outcome.

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