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How to Contact Postmates

When customer service just isn’t cutting it, there are other options to get Postmates to take your complaint seriously.

Are you having an issue with Postmates and desperate to know whether the grammatically-incorrect email you received was from a person or a robot? You aren’t alone. Postmates, while popular, deals with a lot of complaints.

Some of their more common complaints include multiple charges, being overcharged, canceling an order but still having charges, being charged even if you don’t have an account with Postmates.

You can try their legal address for written communications:

Attn: Legal Department,

201 3rd Street, Suite 200,

San Francisco, California, 94103

With an app-based service like this there are a few steps you should take in order to get the fastest customer support service and get a response from her person.

  1. First, use the application on your smartphone. This is typically the fastest and easiest way to get a response, but it doesn’t guarantee that response is from a person.
  2. The second is to use the support page on the website. It is always better that you log in to your account beforehand, so that you can link the issue to your account and if you pursue additional customer service steps to solve the problem, they will be able to look at the details linked to your account. Using you are able to contact them via email or look for questions about orders, accounts, charges, pending charges, membership issues, and more.
  3. Contact them on social media. Twitter and Facebook are pretty fast for situations where you, for example, need to know how to file a financial claim because of something like an incorrect charge.

How do I contact a real person at Postmates for help?

The problem with these first three is that they don’t guarantee a person, and if you are trying to learn how to contact Postmates, you have probably tried these steps already. Now you want to contact a real person at Postmates who can actually listen and fix the problem.

At this point, use the customer service contact number. Sure, there might be a wait time, sometimes a few minutes but you’ll be able to talk to a live person and they just might be able to fix the issue before it goes any further.

How do I contact Caviar with a legal complaint?

But just because you got in touch with a person doesn’t mean they fixed the problem. If customer service doesn’t solve your issue, the next step is to contact Caviar to start a legal process. Plenty of dissatisfied customers have taken this step and had their issue solved. So, if you want to contact Caviar to start a legal process, you have one of two ways to do it.

Start small claims court proceedings by contacting Postmates at their legal address

The first option is to use a small claims court, but you will need to first send them a demand letter to the Postmates legal address. This is a required preliminary step before filing documents with the court. For most customers, this will solve their problem, but at a cost.

Demand consumer arbitration from Postmates as per your contract

Arbitration is another option which is a form of dispute resolution. It uses an independent arbitrator, like a judge, to go over the case and find a solution. This is a legal alternative to something like a class action lawsuit that Postmates spells out (literally, and figuratively) in your user agreement with them. To do this, you send Postmates an official legal document to their legal address notifying them. It is a good way to raise awareness that you have a legitimate issue yet to be solved. In some cases, just serving the notice is enough to get it noticed.

If you want to contact Postmates with a legal notice or get help with your consumer arbitration complaints, we can help.

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