Want to Sue Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines?

Guide to Sue Regent Seven Seas in Small Claims Court

When customer service fails, you have legal options to help you claim compensation from Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines.

Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines may promise exquisite vacations, but the reality is often more disappointing. Lots of folks have serious complaints with this cruise line every year, whether it’s with their refund policies or with their customer service. Whatever the case, they’re often referred to a clause in their contract that says they aren’t allowed to formally sue the cruise line itself.

However, you might still be able to pursue justice against Regent Seven Seas using small claims court.


Determine Whether Your Claim Qualifies for Small Claims Court.

The initial thing you need to do, regardless of what exactly Regent Seven Seas did, is figure out whether your claim will qualify for small claims court in the first place. You see, small claims courts don’t take just every case: there are certain requirements you’ll need to meet.

Your claim needs to be monetary instead of equitable, which is nonmonetary. Your claim will also need to be between $2500 and $10,000 in total value. However, note that the monetary limit mentioned before can vary slightly from state to state; check your local state guidelines to be sure.

In the event that you find your claim won’t qualify for small claims court, you can still pursue a resolution using the National Arbitration and Mediation company. This organization has lots of experience dealing with lawsuits against big cruise lines like Regent Seven Seas.

However, if everything checks out, forward with your small claims court lawsuit.


Write Out Your Demands in a Letter.

Now it’s time to spell out your demands in a formal demand letter. Despite how serious it sounds, this doesn’t have to be an overly formal or complex declaration. All it needs to do is give Regent Seven Seas a chance to respond to your complaints before you bring a lawsuit to the table. This also means that you don’t need to spend too much time or paper writing a lengthy explanation of your grievance.

Keep things short, sweet and to the point and give Regent Seven Seas exactly what they need to address your problem. Then you can physically mail it to the following address:

Regent Seen Seas Cruises

7665 Corporate Center Drive,

Miami, FL 33216

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether Regent Seven Seas actually responds or takes care of your issue. The point is to check this box off so you can move forward with the lawsuit process.


Fill Out Your Court Forms.

When Regent Seven Seas inevitably doesn’t respond to your demand letter or otherwise refuses to handle business, you can head down to your local small claims court office or visit their website. You’ll need to collect to the forms you need for filing, which should be listed for claims of your type (be sure to ask someone working there if you aren’t sure what you need to get).

You’ll probably need to pay a small fee to fill out the court forms, and you’ll also likely be required to fill them out three or four times for court records. Whatever it ends up being, just make sure that you fill everything out perfectly so you don’t have to go back and correct any mistakes after the fact.


File Your Forms And Serve.

Similarly, you should double-check and make sure you file the forms after filling them out correctly. Several small claims court cases are thrown out every year because claimants don’t properly file things with the small claims court in question or with the organization or person they are supposed to serve. This is a huge waste of time.

As mentioned, after filing the forms with your small claims court office, you’ll also need to hand the forms over to Regent Seven Seas to let them know you’re bringing a lawsuit to their lap. This can be handled at your small claims court, but be aware that this normally needs to be done in person instead of over the Internet.


Attend Your Court Date.

At last, you’ve finished everything and all that’s left is to await your court date. It’s a good idea to get all your materials together before the actual date itself so you don’t forget anything when you’re rushing to the courthouse. Stay calm, and try to represent yourself to the best of your ability. In many cases, big cruise lines like Regent Seven Seas don’t even show up to small claims court cases, giving you the opportunity to present your side of the story without any competition.

Good luck!

Ready to sue Regent Seven Seas Cruise lines in small claims court?
If this sounds too hard and expensive, try consumer arbitration instead…

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