How to Contact Square Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact Square. And if they don’t listen you have options…

FairShake can help you make Square listen when customer service lets you down. 

Square is a point-of-sale and payment app that many small businesses use to accept online credit and debit card transactions. With a simple physical Square device that attaches to a smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to process payments no matter where you are, what’s not as easy as getting a hold of someone from customer service if you have a problem. Their online customer support pages and forums might save you time and frustration, but other users mainly contribute to them. So what other contact options do you have to get a hold of customer service?


Square has a range of topics and short articles in its help center. For example: if you click on the “transfers” topic, it launches a guide with featured articles and transfer-specific issues like:

  • Link and edit your bank account
  • Bank account debits and withdrawals
  • Locate transfers
  • Match transfers to sales
  • Edit your account settings
  • Check requests

What it does not have is a link to any contact number. Instead, if you “can’t find what you need,” the only option is to send an email or chat with customer service. 

After some digging, there is one customer service number for current sellers: 1-855-700-6000.

If you don’t have time to wait on hold, their service center has a “request a sales callback” but only for business customers, not consumers. 

All customers can use the chat function as their main point of contact for issues by signing into their respective accounts and launching the chat


Incidentally, if you have taken out a business loan from Square, they make it incredibly easy to get a hold of someone. They have an entire Seller Community with questions and answers. You can email them from your dashboard using the “?” button, and someone will get back to you within 1-3 business days. If you want to call customer support, they are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at 1 855-897-1318.

Note: Even though Square does provide a contact number for their loans department, they still don’t make it easy to get a hold of a real person. In fact, you cannot just call this number with a problem. You have to sign in to your account, go to the “?” section, choose an issue, and find the respective customer code for that issue. Then you have to click on the “Call Us” button directly from your account and use the customer code. 

The website clarifies that you have to protect yourself against fraudulent accounts and actions by calling them as soon as you detect fraud. However, Square does not provide a number for you to call. Instead, they say that their internal team will send you an email or a text message with a contact number if fraud is suspected, and you can use that number to call them back and review the issue.

So whether you are a seller or you have a loan through Square, it’s clear that getting a hold of an actual person is next to impossible, and even then, you may not get your issue resolved directly. Trying to reach out to the corporate office might seem like a good alternative, but there’s no guarantee that someone will answer the phone.

So, if customer service at Square has let you down and you still have a complaint about things like fraud or problems with your statement, you have other legal options. First, you can submit a complaint against Square. Second, you can file an official dispute using consumer arbitration.

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