How to Contact Synchrony Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact Synchrony. And if they don’t listen you have options…

When customer service doesn’t come through, FairShake can make Synchrony Bank listen.

Synchrony Bank is a financial services company based out of Connecticut. The majority of services they provide take the form of consumer and business credit cards. They provide a range of consumer and business accounts, but getting a hold of the right person for your issue or complaint can seem like a nightmare. If you are having problems with fraudulent accounts or you want to lodge a complaint about hidden fees in your bank statement, where do you turn? 

Consumer Accounts

When you first reach out to contact customer service, the main customer service line is 1 866-419-4096. If you don’t want to use this number you are encouraged by Synchrony Bank to use the phone number listed on the back of whichever card you are calling about. 

Alternatively if you were calling about any savings accounts that you already have you can reach out to Synchrony Bank at 1 866-226-5638.

If you have any customer service issues you want to send via mail, make sure you include your account number on any correspondence, and use the following address:

Synchrony Bank Customer Service
P.O. Box 965033
Orlando, FL 32896-5033

Note: If there are any issues with your statements or your account, this is the same mailing address you would use when you find a mistake. you have to send a written notice to Synchrony Bank within 60 days after you spot an error on your statement. The fine print of their disclosure for consumer accounts stipulates that if you call customer service to dispute a charge or a problem with your account, they are not legally required to investigate the errors or fix it. Instead you have to notify them in writing to even initiate an investigation and potential resolution.

Synchrony Bank also offers online customer support to alleviate the time and frustration of waiting on hold. With this help center you can get information on your credit card, business card, savings account, and more.

They also offer an FAQ page for quick answers. If you want to send a secure email about any of your consumer accounts you have to select your credit card partner, login to your account, and select the message center. Similarly they offer a chat function based on the type of card or account you have.

If you have a credit card with Synchrony Bank you cannot make payments in person so payments have to be made online when you log into your account at www.mysynchrony.com or on the address listed on your credit card statement.  You can send overnight payments to:

Synchrony Bank
140 Wekiva Springs Road
Longwood, FL 32779 

Business Accounts

If you have an existing business account with Synchrony Bank, you can reach out to 1 803-3310 8 to between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Monday through Saturday for 11 a.m. through 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday. 

If you see an error or have a problem with your account you must use the same mailing address listed above:

Synchrony Bank Customer Service
P.O. Box 965033
Orlando, FL 32896-5033  

If you still have issues with your Synchrony Bank account or their customer service, you have some legal alternatives. You can file a complaint or sue Synchrony Bank in small claims court. Alternatively you can file an official dispute and use consumer arbitration for faster resolution.

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