Get Paid for Your U-Haul Complaint

What Some Customers Get in Compensation from U-Haul

FairShake can help you submit an official legal claim

So you have complaint against U-Haul. A major issue. And U-Haul customer service hasn’t solved your complaint.

Maybe you want compensation for overcharges, fraudulent sales tactics, collections issues, or impact to your credit. Maybe you just want U-Haul to admit they’re in the wrong and give you fair treatment. Either way, you’re looking to take action on your U-Haul complaint.

So, the question is: how can you make U-Haul hear your complaint? Can you sue U-Haul? What sort of compensation do customers get for their U-Haul complaints?

Your Options

The first thing to know, is that your U-Haul contract probably limits your options for legal complaints against U-Haul. You generally have two options:

  1. Take your U-Haul complaint to Small Claims Court, or
  2. Take your U-Haul complaint to Consumer Arbitration

We at FairShake can help you file a claim against companies like U-Haul. We’ll take your complaint through the legal process of consumer arbitration. This usually gets them to negotiate.

Here’s some information from the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on how recent complaints against U-Haul have been resolved:

The Numbers

In the last two years, 35 complaints against U-Haul were resolved through the arbitration system.

Although settlement amounts are secret, the average complaint against U-Haul asked for $298,755 in compensation.

At least 2 customers also received non-monetary relief for their U-Haul complaint as well.

Arbitration complaints against U-Haul took an average of over 4 months to resolve.

Complaints handled by FairShake are often settled before arbitration, which can be much faster. You can start your claim for free now:

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