Complaints Against Visa

If you are having a problem with your Visa credit card and haven’t been able to get customer service to fix it with any success, you may have another option.

Visa is a well-known payment network that processes transactions between the bank and the merchant. Visa credit cards are issued by banks who set the terms of the card, such as interest rates and terms of use. When customers need help with their credit cards, they may either call their bank or Visa directly. Customers can also report an issue via Visa’s in-store online support system. Business owners have additional options of seeking support from Visa on dispute resolution.

Frustrated customers experience issues with their Visa card are often running into problems with:

  1. Prepaid Visa cards
  2. Unauthorized or disputed charges
  3. Technical difficulties and outages

Prepaid Visa cards

With their ease of use and wide acceptance, prepaid Visa cards are popular products with customers.  While they offer a great deal of convenience, customers often report challenges when activating their cards.   Once you’ve activated the card, it can take up to 24 hours before it can be used.

Similar to credit cards, a prepaid Visa card is subject to fraudulent activity and unauthorized charges.  Customers have reported that unauthorized charges were made on their prepaid cards before they even used it.  Whether or not you can file a dispute on a prepaid Visa card depends on who issued it.


Unauthorized and disputed charges

Customers that find fraudulent or unauthorized activity on their Visa card should report this immediately to the bank that issued the Visa card and follow their instructions for filing a dispute.  A common frustration expressed by customers with unauthorized or fraudulent activity on their credit cards is that customer service may be unresponsive or handle their dispute improperly. This can lead to the customer being held responsible for a charge that they didn’t make.  Plus, if this caused them to exceed their limit or fall behind in their payments, they can be hit with late fees. If the proper flags were not put on the customer’s account, fraudulent activity may continue.

In other cases, disputes may be disallowed by the bank if the customer cannot provide sufficient documentation.  This can be a challenge since the customer didn’t initiate the charge to begin with. Customers also complain that the bank issuing the Visa credit card did not advise them when their dispute was denied.  Instead, they often find out when the disputed charge is put back on their account.


Technical difficulties and outages

From time to time, Visa may experience technical problems with their system.  This can interfere with a customer’s ability to use their prepaid or credit card.  Outages and technical problems may also result in duplicate transactions or cause a customer’s payment to not be processed properly.  It may also pose a security risk to a customer’s account if an unauthorized person gained access. Technical difficulties and outages can cost customers if their accounts are hit with duplicate charges or unauthorized activity.  Billing errors can also cause a customer to go over their limit, resulting in additional fees.

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