How to Make the 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office Listen

24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest gyms in the world, including several locations in Singapore and China. A company this big occasionally has officers or corporate board members that think they’re above customer complaints, particularly if they are filed by single members. Because of this, it can be difficult to make the 24 Hour Fitness corporate office listen to your complaints or demands, even if you’ve been clearly wronged.

However, if you’ve been getting radio silence from them so far, there are a few ways you can push for a response. Let’s break down what you need to do if you want to make some changes and the corporate offices at 24 Hour Fitness just won’t listen.

Main Course of Action: Pursue Consumer Arbitration

If you really want to get the attention of companies like 24 Hour Fitness, you can pursue independent arbitration. Using an independent arbitrator is often better than taking a company to court depending on the exact grievance you have. Plus, it’ll likely be less expensive than taking 24 Hour Fitness to court. That’s where a group like FairShake comes in.

Ultimately, using FairShake to independently arbitrate your problem with 24 Hour Fitness is easy:

  1. Tell us the complaint and we can draft an official legal demand. With tons of experience taking on bigger corporations like banks or phone companies, a gym like 24 Hour Fitness is right up our alley. If your claim is eligible, we’ll assign a resolution specialist to your dispute and send 24 Hour Fitness a legal notice.
  2. Depending on the response the 24 Hour Fitness provides, we can then start coming up with a strategy, including guiding you through any legal steps you might need to clear. We’ll probably talk to you about the demand letter mentioned above. The exact legal steps to take will depend on what you want the corporate office to do for your case, but rest assured: it can be handled.
  3. We’ll stick with you until your case gets settled or we end up needing to go to court after all. However, in this case, you’ll only pay us if you end up winning some amount of compensation. This way, you don’t need to worry about expensive court fees until you have the cash to pay for representation.

This is likely to be the way things end up going if you want to get the attention of a big corporate office like 24 Hour Fitness’. But if that’s the case, at least you’ll end up with a great team: ours!

Going with arbitration gives you several benefits that other courses of action do not. For starters, all arbitrations are:

  • Fundamentally fair and balanced to all parties
  • Use reasonable standards so no one’s time is wasted
  • Require transparency, so you won’t be lied to by 24 Hour Fitness
  • Will be just and may result in awards up to the same relief as you’d get from a regular court of law

Using arbitration is like bringing the big guns to a fight. It tells them you aren’t messing around. More importantly, it can help you secure a relief payment if you have a grievance against 24 Hour Fitness. There’s no option more serious aside from heading to court… which we can help you do, if need be!

Your Alternatives to get 24 Hour Fitness to Listen

Contact Their Customer Service Offices or Channels

It’s also a good idea to go through official channels and contact customer service at some point. Not only does this make sure that your problem can’t be solved by their team, but it also crosses off a necessity for escalating the situation if need be. In most cases, whether you want to sue or file a complaint, you need to take every possible chance to get their attention before moving forward.

There are three main ways you can openly contact 24 Hour Fitness’ corporate office in theory, though you’ll need to explain that you want to reach them in each case. That’s because each of these customer support channels are designed to redirect you to a bot or a service rep, not the guys at the top.

  • Contact them on their website. This involves filling out a short form with your member number and personal information. There’s a box at the bottom of the screen that lets you write in that you want to speak to someone in corporate. This option doesn’t have a great chance of success, however.
  • 24 Hour Fitness’s phone number is another option. You’ll specifically want to contact member services at 800-432-6348. Using this method, you can potentially speak to a human all the way up the chain to a corporate representative, but it depends on your speaking skills and who you get on the other end of the line.
  • Traditional mail is the last option, and equally likely to be ignored as the email option above.

This might seem a bit repetitive, especially if you’ve already tried contacting them before. But rest assured that it is necessary, especially if you want to push for legal arbitration at some point. It may seem silly if your complaint is minor, but remember that 24 Hour Fitness did this by not responding to you while they had a chance! That’s what this step is really for: covering your bases.

Write a Demand Letter

Once you’ve made every reasonable attempt to contact 24 Hour Fitness along normal channels, you can escalate by sending a demand letter. Not only does the demand letter show that you mean business regarding your complaint, but it’s also a legal requirement if you want to sue 24 Hour Fitness in the future.

The letter doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be written with a hard copy. Drafting it only on Microsoft Word won’t be enough. Make an extra copy of this letter for your own records, then mail the first copy to their offices at this address:

24 Hour Fitness United States, Inc
Lexis Document Services Inc.
251 Little Falls Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808

In the demand letter, you need to be sure that you describe the nature of your complaint and your request to speak to the corporate offices. Be extremely clear in your demands, both in case 24 Hour Fitness decides to listen to you at last or in case you need to bring this demand letter to court later.

We have a handy guide on drafting a demand letter if you’d like some help making sure things are clear and professional.

In the end, it’s important not to give up when taking the fight to 24 Hour Fitness and other corporations like them. There are tools and methods you can use to get their attention and have your complaints heard, even if they try their hardest to make it seem impossible. Let FairShake help you arbitrate your complaints with 24 Hour Fitness and make their corporate offices listen by getting started on our website. We’ve made the process fast and easy, and we’re ready to take the fight to them!

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