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Get Airbnb Collections to Fix Your Credit Report

Did Airbnb Collections get it wrong? Learn about your legal rights…

Airbnb collects various fees and other charges for those who use the app to either host guests or stay at another’s property during their vacation. However, Airbnb can also occasionally make mistakes when it comes to charging your credit card. If this is the case, you can dispute these charges and get Airbnb to fix collections or charges on your credit report.

This is crucial since your credit score can determine your financial options and well-being across many aspects in your life, from the types of loans you can take to your interest rates on other credit cards or debts.

Contact Airbnb

Your first move should be to contact Airbnb and ask them to remove a charge that should not be on your credit report ASAP. You can contact Airbnb through their phone number, which is 1-855-424-7262.

But you may need to mail Airbnb a physical copy of your demand for a credit report fix. This is both for your records and so that the company has ample opportunity to solve the issue before you move forward with arbitration or another action. The mailing address you should use is:

888 Brannan St.

Floor 4

San Francisco, CA 93177

Federal Laws that Protect Your Credit

In the event that Airbnb does not move to immediately repair your credit report, you should know that there are federal laws in place designed to protect your credit score.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was passed in 1970 and requires that anyone who creates reports about consumers, such as credit reporting agencies or “data furnishers” like Airbnb, must report fair and accurate information to the best of the reporter’s knowledge. Furthermore, the FCRA allows you to request changes to your credit report if you believe the information to be incorrect.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also prevents Airbnb or any other potential debt collector from being unfair, abusive, or deceptive. This essentially means that Airbnb can’t unjustly demand payment for a charge that you should not have received in the first place.

Check both acts above for more detailed breakdowns of their exact stipulations.

Contact All Major Credit Bureaus

After familiarizing yourself with the federal laws in place to protect you, contact all three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. These credit reporting bureaus are the three entities that build your credit score to a single number (which may vary from bureau to bureau).

You should contact every bureau’s customer service team and report the inaccuracy. They will perform an independent investigation and should send you an outcome within 30 days of your report being submitted.

This should result in your negative charge or credit report item being removed. 

Use Consumer Arbitration to Make a Legal Claim

If both Airbnb and the major credit bureaus don’t correct the issue, you still have an option. Consumer arbitration is always a potential pathway to a resolution against companies like Airbnb, even if their contract forbids you from filing a full-on lawsuit against them. 

The consumer arbitration process will allow you to contest any negative credit information in a hearing. Companies like FairShake have the legal expertise and drive to help you take the fight to companies like Airbnb, especially when they engage in willfully harmful activity against their users.

You can get started right away by using our contact form below. Signing up and starting your consumer arbitration process only takes a few minutes. With our help, you can get the negative item on your credit report removed and your credit score back up to where it belongs!

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