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Altice Mobile 5G Slower than Promised

Did your phone provider lie about 5G speeds and access? You may be able to claim compensation, and our team can help you.

Has Altice Mobile 5G been slower than promised? Did you upgrade but the company failed to honor a deal or promotion? If so, here’s what to do. 

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What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of wireless internet, designed to be a much faster solution to upcoming futuristic needs. In theory 5G will provide faster connectivity across the internet of things, linking all manner of devices like self-driving cars or robotic surgical tools and of course every day cell phones and tablets. Theoretically 5G is so fast that you can see items uploaded or downloaded or streamed at a rate of gigabytes per second instead of megabytes per second. 

When did Altice Mobile start offering 5G? 

The company started offering 5G in 2019 and expanded its network in 2020 using T-Mobile.

What did Altice Mobile say 5G should provide?

Altice Mobile announced in July of 2019 that it was expanding its agreement to use the T-Mobile wireless network which includes the T-Mobile 5G infrastructure.

According to Altice Mobile 5G is the next generation of wireless technology. The company explained the 5G would offer more speed and reliability on your mobile phone with better coverage than ever before which would equate to more responsive games, smoother streaming, and faster downloads.

Not getting what Altice promised?

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What are some of the deals Altice Mobile offered for new 5G service and devices?

Altice Mobile made it clear that in order to connect to their 5G network you need to have the latest software installed on a 5G capable phone. They offer a list of 5G phones compatible including the Apple iPhone 12, mini, pro, and pro Max as well as the Motorola one 5G, and a handful of Samsung Galaxy designs. 

Some of the deals they offer include monthly phone plans with 5G capability at $14 per month with deals 4 financing on compatible 5G phones as low as $4 per month spread over multiple months. Other deals include discounts on monthly prices for those who sign up for auto-pay after switching to the new 5G service and devices. 

The Reality of 5G from Altice Mobile

How does this company rank in terms of 5G promises? 

Unfortunately, they use T Mobile 5G towers which means users have the same limited connections I’m reduced speeds as they would with T-Mobile. Those who don’t live in heavily populated cities have very little if any access to 5G no matter what representatives promise.

Below is the coverage map for T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Map of 5G Service

According to OpenSignal the average 5G speeds for T-Mobile towers was 49Mbps with an average download speed of 103.1 Mbps which is on par with Verizon’s 4G network. In fact, recent research has found that the 5G T-Mobile towers have been 17% slower than the 4G towers in the exact same city. Customers have complained to the Better Business Bureau about services going in and out with slower speeds than expected for 5G.

Feeling ripped off by Altice?

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Customers have complained that they, “thought we were saving money by switching to this company, but you definitely get what you pay for. Phone doesn’t work unless I’m connected to my own Wi-Fi at home. Constantly having to reset phone due to missed calls and text messages. All messages for days come through at once after the reset. Impossible to get ahold of anyone for customer service.”

One FairShake customer noted that the discounts were not living up to expectations. “April 2020- Account opened for 3 Cell lines, at $20 per month/per line. Subsequently, advertised offer circulated by Altice- promising $5 per line/ per month, in return for engaging Auto Pay on MyAltice web page/site. Enrolled in Auto Pay 2 months ago- payments remain at $63.66 / month, as they have since April of 2020. And yet, when contacted, Altice insists a discount IS being given. This despite the Same $63.66 in my Bill History.”

Trust Pilot reviews are no better. Customers have connections issues and compatibility issues with their 5G devices. One customer noted, “I would actually give them no stars. Terrible Wi-Fi connection. Calls keep breaking up no one can hear me. Customer service support is virtual or out sourced out of the USA. They sold me a phone that is not 5G compatible and a week after I activated the phone they told me their two week return policy was from the day you ordered the service. I paid 1 month in advance with taxes and set up fees and my first bill was due 2 weeks later which was debited from my bank account on March 28th the due date. The payment has not posted to my Altice account and my account status shows as overdue. After speaking to a live representative three times and sending a copy of the bank transaction two times nothing has been resolved. They continue to text and email me notices of service disruption if payment is not made.”

What you can do if your 5G is slower than promised

It’s possible that you can get compensation from your phone company if your 5G service or device is not what was promised to you when you purchased it. Let our expert team help you submit a claim and win. Tell us what happened below.

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