How to Contact American Express Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact American Express. And if they don’t listen you have options…

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Do you have a complaint against American Express? Perhaps they are overcharging you on your credit card, there are American Express fraudulent charges, or their card and services are simply not what you expected so you want to cancel. Maybe you are happy with your American Express card, but you have lost it, or you plan on traveling so you need the correct American Express contact number. Yes, the back of your card might list a number but it’s hard to see. Also, maybe you lost your card, so you don’t currently have the American express number. No matter what the reason, we are going to explore how to contact American Express in this article.

  • How to Call American Express
  • How to chat online with an American Express customer service representative
  • How to contact American Express on social media
  • American Express physical addresses

How to Call American Express

Customer service calls are annoying. You will have to pick multiple options to get to the department that you are seeking within American Express. You might be left on hold for an extended time period. Also, if you do not call during business hours, it is not uncommon to be shuffled to a department that you know nothing about. Here are a few helpful contact numbers that might make your call easier so you can gain answers from customer service. If you are still struggling to reach a person and obtain the answers you need, we can help.

  • Use the American Express contact number for your country. If you are in the USA call: 1 (800) 528-4800. If you are located outside the United States then visit the American Express international number contact list to find the number for the country where you are located.
  • If you wish to pay your American Express bill and need to contact the company, then call 1-800-472-9297 in the USA.
  • To talk to a representative about applying for an American Express card in the USA call (800) 223-2670 (hours are 6 AM to 2 AM ET, 7 days a week)

Tips on Calling the American Express Number

The American Express Number has offices in the Philippines, India, and New Jersey. They offer 24-hour service, seven days a week.

Here are just a few tips when you are calling the American Express contact numbers listed above:

  • How to Skip Ahead: When you call AMEX and you want to speak with a customer service representative and skip listening to the many prompt options then please press zero immediately at each prompt.
  • Immediately Enter Your Card Number: You can enter your American Express card number and hold for a representative on the first prompt.
  • When to Call: The above phone numbers offer help 24/7 unless otherwise stated.
  • Best time to Call: If you do not wish to wait on hold for an extended time period for a representative then the best time to call during the time period is in the morning at approximately 8:30 am.

How to Call AMEX While Traveling 

If you are a US citizen traveling abroad and you lose your American Express card or run into some other problem such as your card being declined then you can reach customer service via your online account. If you need to call AMEX, then you can call collect by asking the operator and then using the access code for where you are located and dial  + 336-393-1111.  Cell phone providers might charge you roaming fees or international minutes to make the call. If you need to pay your bill while traveling, then you can also call AMEX to pay your bill at 1-800-472-9297.

How to Contact American Express Using Chat

If you are a current card member then you enjoy the option of chatting with an American Express representative via chat. Use your online account to immediately chat with a representative. You can reach online chat services by clicking on the ‘help’ button at the top of your account page. When using chat, it is beneficial to access the service from a desktop computer and make sure your browser is set to full screen so you can clearly see all the options displayed on the online page.

Contacting American Express via Social Media

You can contact American Express on their social media sites. When using this form of communication, it is important not to give out overly personal information. Instead, you can ask for more private contact information via social media sites. Use Facebook or Twitter.

Addresses of American Express

Many customers are surprised to learn that American Express does not have a customer service email address. However, if you want to write to the company then you can use their snail mail addresses.

American Express Contact Addresses

  • General Information: American Express P.O. Box 981535, El Paso, TX 79998-1535
  • Bill Payment: American Express / P.O. Box 650448 / Dallas, TX 75265-0448
  • Overnight Bill Payment: American Express / Attn: Express Mail Remittance Processing / 20500 Belshaw Ave. / Carson, CA 90746

Okay, are none of these contact options working? Now what?

If you cannot get ahold of American Express’s customer service by calling, emailing, or chatting online then here are a few other options that might put you in touch with the right department or person you are seeking.

One option is to sue American Express or file a claim against American Express with consumer arbitration.

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