How to Cancel Your Account with American Express

If you are cancelling Amex because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Has your American Express experience been less than satisfactory? Maybe you just want to switch to a better deal.

There are many opinions about American Express, including reasons why you might be ready to cancel your account. But what is the best way? How can you close it if you still owe money? We walk you through the steps. 

American Express Cancellation Policy

American Express lets you cancel your account at any time. For many, this means closing out a credit card. In these cases, there are still rules about repaying amounts owed and losing the rewards or points you have, but you are always welcome to cancel for any reason. 

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your Account with American Express

American Express gives you a handful of options for cancelling your account. All you need is your card and to know the address and billing information associated with your account to get started. Then you can contact American Express through a variety of means:

Call American Express

For those who prefer cancellation over the phone, with a real agent, you can use the number on the back of your American Express card. This will connect you to customer service after which you can share account information like the credit card number and the address on file to verify your identity and then cancel your account. 

Chat with Amex

American Express lets you use the online chat function too. You must log in to your account and then hit the chat button on the right hand corner. Click “chat” and explain that you want to close your account. The representative will need to verify your identity and your account after which they can facilitate a closure. 

Send a letter in the mail

You can submit your request in writing too. If you prefer a handwritten letter, then send all applicable information in a letter (such as your account number, name, and address) and mail it via certified mail to: 

American Express

PO Box 981535

El Paso, TX 79998

Does cancellation of my account with American Express hurt my credit?

If you close your American Express account it can reduce your credit score initially. This depends entirely on the length of your credit history, your credit ratios, and your debt. For some, closing might be a good idea, even in the face of this impact.  

Alternatives to Cancellation

When you contact Amex customer service to close your account with American Express, they will try to encourage you to stay by pushing for alternatives. This is something a customer retention department is trained to do. This might include:

  • Suggesting you put your card away in a drawer or safe where you can’t use it, but you still get the credit score benefit of having a line of credit
  • Request a change by switching the type of credit card you have without closing your account with American Express entirely. This is referred to as a “product change” and it means you downgrade to a card that has other options like lower fees or no annual fees. 

When you speak with customer service, just remain polite yet firm if none of the above alternatives work for you. 

What if I have an outstanding balance?

If you have an outstanding balance on your American Express credit card, you will need to continue making your monthly payments until such time as that balance is paid in full. 

Note: Until you pay the balance in full, your amount due will still be charged interest based on the terms of your account when you closed it. 

However, you are able to close your account and pay off the balance there after. 

Note: Many customers have points or rewards associated with their American Express card. Once an account has been closed, you lose all of those, so consider using them before you cancel your account. 

Customer Complaints and Disputes Closing an Account

American Express customers have lodged complaints against Amex over trying to close an account. For many it involves losing the rewards they had earned at the time of cancellation or still paying down a high interest rate on their account. For others the complaints have to do with being charged unnecessarily or not getting a refund on time. 

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

American Express makes it clear that you can close your account at any time, but closing a credit card can impact your credit score and customer service might use this to urge you to stay. Remember to be firm with customer service about your decision to leave. If American Express is making it difficult for you to cancel your account, or you have been charged fees you shouldn’t have been, we can help. 

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