How To Get A Refund From American Home Shield

Need help getting the American Home Shield refund you’re owed? You may have legal options

American Home Shield shields your home from the little misfortunes that plague it. Everything from a refrigerator that suddenly dies to a broken hot water heater, as these busted appliances can cost you a lot of money in the long run. American Home Shield offers customized plans that will keep your appliances covered, and you won’t have to let a breakdown spoil your day.

However, if you’ve decided to cancel your American Home Shield subscription, can you get a refund? Maybe you don’t need the contract anymore, or perhaps you are moving away and will be signing onto a different contract in a new state or city.

Well, home warranties can be very complicated, and if you are a first-timer it can be hard to understand how you are supposed to end them. But there are several steps that you can take to make sure that you not only cancel your American Home Shield plan but also steps that might net you a refund as well.


Look at Your Contract, Make the Call

The first thing you will need to do before reaching out to American Home Shield is to find the company contract that they gave you when you joined the warranty plan. The contract will show the termination laws that are specific to your state, and you will need to look at this contract closely before calling American Home Shield. The contract will tell you all about the hidden fees that you might need to pay.

If you have lost your original contract, then you will need to mail a letter to American Home Shield and request a copy for your own personal records.

Unlike other companies that have multiple methods that you can use to cancel their services, American Home Shield can only be canceled over the phone. You will need to call their customer service hotline and patiently wait your turn, before talking to a customer service representative and letting them know that you will have to cancel.

You can explain your reason for canceling, and for most people, the common cause is that they are moving away and do not need the service anymore. In that case, most customer service representatives will suggest that you move the plan to the new homeowner.

Still, after the call is complete, then you can move on to getting the refund.


Receive Your Refund

There are two types of refunds you can get, and one of them depends on your situation. If you just started your contract with American Home Shield, and wish to cancel before 30 days have passed since your signing, you can and will get a full refund for the contract fees. Any services or claim fees will still be deducted from your refund, but you won’t have to pay any cancellation fees.

After 30 days of using American Home Shield, you are still able to cancel but the refund is prorated. While you will get sent back money for any unused months on your plan, the company will charge you an administrative fee, which comes up to one month’s payment. They may also charge fees for any services or claims that they had to provide while you were under the warranty.

Regardless of how you paid, using either the monthly or annual plan, you will still receive the refund of the months you didn’t use.

Once the refund is received by your bank, then it will show up at the method of payment you used to purchase the subscription. You will be able to see the refund in your transactions, and you shouldn’t be charged anymore from American Home Shield. Still, keep an eye on your account or card for the next month.

If you are charged a payment during the next 30 days and you canceled your subscription, talk to your bank and they will handle the extra charge and get it refunded with no trouble. Sometimes the news of your cancellation doesn’t always reach the people it needs to, so you might still get charged until the mistake is fixed.


Pause or Change Your Contract

While canceling for a refund is something you can do, in other cases you might want to pause your American Home Shield contract or change it to cover an appliance that you just received for your house. One of these things is much easier to do than the other, as American Home Shield does not offer the chance to put your contract on hold if you do not need it for a while.

You will either need to keep it going or cancel the contract altogether, which can undesirable. However, if you would like to change your contract then that is much easier to do. One of the options, and indeed a very popular one for most homeowners, is to have a custom ‘Build-your own’ contract that can cover all the appliances you need it too, rather than paying for coverage that you don’t need.

This also allows you to make changes to your plan as you get rid of old appliances and start to buy new ones, and you can also get access to add-on coverage that can cover electronics, water pumps and pools, and even repairs that are made on your roof!

Getting Your American Home Shield Refund

Getting a refund and canceling your American Home Shield plan is pretty easy. It all starts with a phone call to the customer service team, and there aren’t too many cases where a refund would be denied to you. You will still need to take a look at the contract and make sure that you understand the cancellation and other fees that you might need to pay, but once that is settled you will receive your money.

Just follow the simple steps and the refund will be complete! All it takes is a little patience, and then your money will be back in your account.

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