How Do I Contact American Home Shield?

The inside track to contact American Home Shield execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Do you have a problem with American Home Shield? Maybe you want to know how to cancel American Home Shield, or you want help getting your money back. But you don’t know where to start or who to contact for American Home Shield refunds.

You can start with their main customer service number 1 (888) 682-1043. But chances are if you’re trying to figure out how to contact American Home Shield, you have already tried that with little to no success. 

How do I Contact a Real Person at American Home Shield for Help?

Here are some customer service hacks you can use to contact American Home Shield and potentially get in touch with a real person.

Call their cancellation line at (800) 858-1922.

American Home Shield has a phone number dedicated to people who want to cancel. In all honesty, you can use this number even if you aren’t trying to cancel your service. The cancellation department usually coincides with the customer retention department. The people on the other end of this line have training specifically to keep customers with the company when they are dissatisfied. So even if you aren’t looking to cancel your service, you can still use this number and let them know that you have a problem with your bill or your service and you might cancel and move to a competitor but you would rather work with American Home Shield on a resolution together. 

Tip: Always be polite when you try this approach, rather than threatening. Being polite opens the door for compromise and makes the person on the other end feel like they are helping you and succeeding in their job by keeping you on as a customer.

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Call the corporate office at (901) 701-5000.

When you call the ADT corporate office, you have a much higher chance of getting in touch with someone who can expedite your problem to advance customer service reps. You might not get in touch with the CEO, but you can certainly get in touch with a secretary who is more likely to advance your call to agents who are specifically trained to get resolutions.

Reach out through social media.

American Home Shield actually has a different customer service number posted on their Facebook page. You can try calling (888) 429-8247. They do a decent job of responding to people on Facebook who have posted complaints or shared issues, and that number will get you in touch with someone who is trained to address customer service issues.

You might have a better chance getting a hold of someone who can actually fix your problem if you use Twitter. They have a very proactive team that responds to tweets. So if you tweet at American Home Shield, or you send a private message, including a description of your problem and the full property address associated with your account, they are very active, responding to everyone who posts, and working with you to get a resolution. 

How do I Contact American Home Shield with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service won’t fix your problems, you might want to know what other options you have to start a legal complaint.

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If you want to start your legal process against American Home Shield there are two options:

1) The first is to start small claims court proceedings. 

To do this, you have to send a demand letter to American Home Shield. Learning how to sue  American Home Shield takes time, but if your claim qualifies you can usually get compensation. 

2) The second is to send a demand letter initiating consumer arbitration. 

You can get dispute help with American Home Shield. FairShake can guide you through consumer arbitration, where you can use an independent arbitrator to get them to act. Some customers with severe complaints can get thousands of dollars in compensation.

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