How to Negotiate Your AT&T Bill

Do you struggle to pay your AT&T bill?  Does it seem like you are paying more for your service than you should? 

We break down your options to reduce your bill.

Are you having a hard time paying your AT&T bill every month?  Do your bills keep rising but you don’t know why? Have you reached out to customer service for help but just aren’t getting anywhere?

So now you want to know:  How do I reduce my bill from AT&T?

If you are looking to lower your monthly AT&T bill, you may be in luck.  Below we detail some steps you can take try to reduce your charges such as:

  • Check your monthly bill
  • Scale back your services
  • Use AT&T discounts and promotions

Read on to find out how you can reduce your bill from AT&T:

Check your monthly bill

When you get your monthly statement, be sure to check it thoroughly. You should verify that you are being charged the correct amount for the services that you agreed to. If you are having a hard time understanding the fees listed in your bill, you’re not alone. We have a guide to understanding you AT&T bill here.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there were 49,868 complaints lodged against AT&T and its subsidiary, DirecTV, over the past three years.   Customers that have complained about AT&T often note that their monthly charges rise without their knowledge, they aren’t receiving the promotional rate that they signed up for, expected credits have not been posted to their account, or they have charges on their bill that they didn’t authorize.  They also report that they are charged for equipment that was returned or that their service wasn’t cancelled when they requested.

If you are having a hard time paying your monthly AT&T bill, these types of errors will cause your balance to rise.  If you aren’t able to pay your balance on time, you’ll be hit with late fees. If you get disconnected, there are fees for reconnection.  By catching billing errors early, you won’t be paying more than you should.

Scale back your services

If your bill keeps rising every month, it’s time to look at what you are paying for.  Perhaps you can scale back the data plan on your cell phone and save a little money. If you get television service through AT&T, you may be paying for channels that you don’t watch.

Customers who signed up with promotional rates may find their monthly charges go up when this expires.  You should go online or contact customer service to see if you can get on a lower-cost plan. You may be able to keep the same services you have now, but pay less for them.

AT&T discounts and promotions

AT&T features discounts on bundled services for new customers every month.  In addition to these promotional rates, AT&T also offers special rates and discounts for current and new customers such as;

Access program:

Through AT&T’s Access Program, low-income families can receive affordable wireline internet service for their homes.   If you or a member of your household is a SNAP recipient, your household may be eligible.

Signature program:

You may be able to get a discount for wireless services through your employer, school, or association.  Enter your email address here to find out if you are eligible.

Senior discounts:

If you are a member of the AARP, you may be eligible for a 10% discount on certain plans and accessories.

Military, veteran, and first responder discounts:

Active military, veterans, and first responders can receive a special rate on their cell phone plans.  Under this program, you can get four lines for $27 per month, per line. There is a monthly service charge and you will be required to submit proof of your military or first responder status to be eligible.

Unlimited start plans:

These promotional phone plans offer special rates for phone lines and data.  When you sign up for paperless billing and automatic payment, you can receive a $10 discount for each line.   Military, veterans, and first responders may be eligible for up to an additional 25% under these plans.

AT&T Prepaid Plan:

If you have an AT&T Prepaid Plan, formerly GoPhone, you may be able to qualify for a multi-line discount.


If you are a member of the AFL-CIO you can receive 15% off of the Mobile Share Plus plan and 20% off of select batteries, earbuds, and other accessories.  You may also be eligible for waived activation fees. You must show proof of membership to participate.

Lifeline program:

Low-income families may be eligible for a discount on their wireless or home phone or internet service.  Qualified participants can receive a discount of $7.25 on phone service or $9.25 on internet service. Eligibility is based upon income or participation in certain federal-assistance programs. Only one discount is allowed per household and you can choose either the phone or internet service discount.

Rewards and rebates:

AT&T routinely offers incentive programs which allow you to earn rewards or rebates. Keep an eye out for promotions that you might be able to take advantage of.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and are still struggling to pay your bill, it may be time to contact FairShake. We can help you file a claim with AT&T to help you fix your billing or payment issue.

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