Ratings and reviews for AT&T Digital Life Home Security

Is AT&T Digital Life a Good Home Security System?

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AT&T is broadly known for its telecommunications services and TV packages. But they’ve also delved into the home security sphere with AT&T Digital Life. This newer home security service isn’t as well-established as companies like ADT, but they’re already making big splashes. In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about AT&T Digital Life, what their home security services are like, and what their current customers say about their professionalism and features.

AT&T Digital Life Ratings

To find out how AT&T Digital Life fares in terms of reputation customer feedback, let’s check out some customer feedback resources and review sites.

Bestcompany.com is one such resource. They’ve collected almost 50 user reviews over the last period and found AT&T Digital Life to have a 1.9-star average out of 5. A recurring theme among the customer complaints is that customer service is apparently nonexistent or incredibly inconsistent at best. While the technology might be alright, getting someone out to fix your equipment or asking a question about your billing appears to be an exercise in frustration.

Yelp reviews showcase similar frustrations, with an average 1-star rating out of 5 for most users. There are some highlights when it comes to user-friendliness or intuitive controls, for most of the complaints are detailed and how terrible customer service was. Additionally, many of the users for this home security company have found that the equipment they received is subpar in one way or another.

Lastly, we can check out Reviews.org’s rating of AT&T Digital Life. They give the company 3 out of 5 stars, mostly because it’s easily bundled with other AT&T telecommuting of services. So customers who already use AT&T will be able to seamlessly integrate this home security system into their lives. They also praise the decent amount of home automation inherent in their security systems. But they criticize the service for its limited availability.

AT&T Digital Life Home Security Services

AT&T Digital Life offers smart home security and surveillance packages that are integrated with one another, so you aren’t able to just pick up their security equipment or just their surveillance. Each package features both, just in different amounts or with different services.

Their first service is called Smart Security, which costs $349 for the equipment and $39.99 for surveillance. This includes basic 24/7 professional monitoring, free standard professional installation, remote access to your equipment via the mobile app, and text and email alerts. The equipment you get includes a keypad, an indoor siren, a motion sensor, two recessed contact sensors, and four surface contact sensors. You can also add on additional equipment like video cameras, energy-efficient equipment, or water detection sensors.

The next package is called Smart Security and Automation. It costs $549 upfront and $54.99 per month. You get everything from the previous package in addition to live or recorded video of your home and remote door locking, so it’s great if you frequently travel. Additional equipment includes three more surface contact sensors.

The last package is called Premier Security and Automation, which costs $849 upfront and $64.99 every month. It includes everything from before, plus giving you the functionality to manage your smart appliances and thermostat from the same app. Surveillance also detects moisture and ambient temperature to alert you to disasters or things like mold. You also get some extra equipment, like a keyless door lock, a carbon monoxide sensor, a glass breaking sensor, two temperature and water sensors, a smart thermostat, and two indoor smart plugs.

AT&T Digital Life Complaints & Customer Reviews

The majority of AT&T Digital Life complaints are similar to others that you can see for the broader parent telecommunication company; they deal with customer service and cancellation issues. In fact, many customers have horror stories about trying to cancel their AT&T Digital Life contract, only to find that customer service representatives stonewall them into frustration and acceptance. Even in cases when a contract should clearly be canceled (such as the contract owner dying), customer representatives from AT&T are historically unhelpful and rude.

Most customers are unhappy with paying for subpar service in the first place, but plenty of reviews demonstrate how irate people can become when they feel like they’re being taken advantage of. AT&T Digital Life’s customer service representative team is in dire need of new direction, as their poor performance is directly related to the overall lower scores we found above.

On the minor bright side, most people don’t have terrible issues with AT&T Digital Life’s on security increment itself. In fact, a few reviews do mention that the increment is easy to integrate with existing smart home architecture appliances.

AT&T Digital Life Lawsuits

Lawsuits against AT&T have already occurred in the past. In 2019, they were sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for selling customer location data to third parties. While they weren’t alone in this action, they were the main culprit, as they were bound to secure sensitive customer information and deliberately failed to do so. They were also accused of misrepresenting privacy protections to customers.

An additional class-action lawsuit was filed in 2014. AT&T promised on the metadata but actually slowed connections to a crawl after hitting an arbitrary data cap. All this goes to show that AT&T lawsuits are not only possible; they’re winnable.

It’s clear that AT&T Digital Life has a lot to work on, and they’ve already done a good job of avoiding real consequences for their actions with the exception of a few lawsuits. If you’re one of the customers that AT&T has mistreated, there is an alternative option: independent arbitration with our experts at FairShake

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