When CarRentals.com Customer Service Fails

How to Make the CarRentals.com Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get CarRentals.com to listen — and get you compensated.

CarRentals.com sometimes provides far more than easy automobile rentals – sometimes, there are issues with billing, refunds, or even being reserved the wrong vehicle! But when you try to confront their corporate offices about these issues to reach a resolution, you may find that they ignore you, send you on an unending loop of customer service calls, or otherwise don’t listen to your demands.

It can feel like there’s nothing you can do, and that you’re at the mercy of their cold corporate policies. But you do have options.

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint with CarRentals.com

It’s easy to see why you might need to contact CarRentals.com’s corporate offices: for instance, you might need a refund for something they charge you for unfairly, may need to switch your reservation, or may have a complaint about some other part of their services. Maybe, for instance, you received a car rental that wasn’t the make and model you requested.

But upon trying to reach the corporate offices and reach a resolution for your complaint, you may find it all but impossible to get someone to hear you in the first place. That’s because CarRentals.com knows that you won’t be able to file a lawsuit against them given a special clause in every contract you sign.

While suing CarRentals.com isn’t an option, you can still take them to task by pursuing independent arbitration. With this process, you’ll still be able to reach a negotiated settlement with CarRentals.com that’s every bit as legally binding as a regular lawsuit’s outcome.

Arbitration is Fair, Just, Reasonable, and Transparent

If you pursue independent arbitration, it’ll be handled by the American Arbitration Association. This means that the hearing will comply with the Statement of Principles of Consumer Due Process Protocol, guaranteeing that:

  • The arbitration hearing will be impartial and overall fair for both parties, especially since the independent arbitrator will be neutral, qualified, and competent
  • Throughout the hearing, reasonable standards pertaining to cost, information accessibility, and location accessibility will be upheld. You’ll be able to take part in the proceedings without having too many barriers in your way
  • Standards for transparency will also be prioritized. Any resulting arbitration agreements will be clear and easy to comprehend and both parties can hire additional legal representation
  • Sometimes alternatives to arbitration, including small claims court and mediation, may be offered depending on the specifics of the case
  • The entire process will be considered legally binding and just, and any decisions will be final. Decisions from the arbitrator may include penalties and awards

Arbitration Gives You, the Customer, Leverage

The CarRentals.com corporate offices aren’t used to their customers having enough leverage to get them to listen. But informing them that you plan to file for arbitration is likely to show them how serious you are about reaching a real resolution for your complaint. This may make them more open to negotiation – it could be like night and day!

That’s because big companies like CarRentals.com usually have to spend a lot more money than customers just preparing for arbitration hearings. On top of that, they know that they may end up losing the case and having to pay you a much larger settlement than they might have had to if they’d dealt with you fairly. These factors may just change their mind about how they’ve dealt with you so far.

But there’s always the chance that the corporate offices will simply continue to ignore you to their own detriment. In these situations, you should still pursue arbitration since you won’t have to pay anything unless you win a settlement. FairShake can help you out all the way until victory – we’re dedicated to getting you a satisfactory conclusion.

You should still only consider arbitration if you have a particularly serious issue with CarRentals.com. That’s because the independent arbitrator could consider your complaint to be frivolous or unimportant, thus saddling you with the costs CarRentals.com incurred from the hearing. So consider whether your complaint is worth taking CarRentals.com to independent arbitration.

Leverage Can Lead to Faster Settlements and Real Resolutions

The leverage you gain from arbitration means that you’ll be on equal footing with CarRentals.com. This is significant since it may make their corporate office much more open to sending you a speedy settlement offer.

But to get their attention, you’ll first need to formally raise your issue with and announce your intention to pursue arbitration. FairShake can help you craft an excellent demand letter as soon as you contact us.

We can write a demand letter that gives CarRentals.com about 30 days to either send you a settlement offer or start the negotiation process. If they don’t abide by these terms, you can officially begin filing for arbitration since you’ll have given the company enough time to respond, as is likely stipulated in your contract.

In around half of all arbitration cases, companies send settlements or negotiate with their customers rather than go all the way to a full arbitration hearing. But if CarRentals.com decides to be stubborn and doesn’t send you an offer, you can begin the formal arbitration process and file your case with the American Arbitration Association. FairShake can offer assistance with both the paperwork for filing and with the steps that come later.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Most arbitration cases will also give you the option to hire an attorney or other legal counsel for representation or legal assistance.

But why would you consider hiring an attorney? In short, an attorney will more easily be able to point out laws or statutes that apply to your case and, therefore, more readily craft a winning case for the arbitrator. This may result in a higher settlement, as well. Check out information from the American Arbitration Association’s Pro Se Case Administration Team if you do decide to represent yourself, however.

Be advised that some customer grievances, like those that deal with improper debt collection, harassment, or refunds, are easier to tackle with an attorney’s help.

What Can I Do Next?

Starting your arbitration against CarRentals.com begins by telling us what happened and explaining your grievance in full. Through FairShake, you can get the assistance you need to take on a big company and get a fair resolution.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied or you don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything.

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